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Optical storage direct soft introduction

Who proposed the concept of “light storage, straightness and softness”? In which meeting or report? It’s hard to say who was the first to propose this concept. In recent years, this concept has been mentioned a lot. In the “2030 Carbon Peak Action Plan”, it is mentioned to accelerate the optimization of building energy structure, improve the electrification level of building terminals, and build “solar energy storage” integrating photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, DC power distribution, and “soft” electricity consumption. Straight and soft” architecture. In the “14th Five-Year Plan” Building Energy Conservation and Green Building Development Plan, it is also proposed that the construction of new building power systems should be characterized by “solar storage, direct flexibility”. Photovoltaic storage, direct flexibility is an important technology for the development of zero-carbon energy, which refers to the application of four technologies in the construction field: solar photovoltaic, energy storage, DC power distribution and flexible interaction.

“Light” is to build a distributed solar photovoltaic power generation system in the building area;

“Storage” is to configure an energy storage device in the power supply system, store the surplus power when the power consumption is low, and release the power when the power consumption is peak;

“Zhi” is a DC power supply system with simple form, easy control and high transmission efficiency;

“Softness” means that the building flexibly adjusts the building’s electricity demand according to the power generation of clean energy, so that the building’s electricity consumption and clean energy power generation can be matched in real time.



Shanghai Huijue Smart Housekeeper has realized the intelligent unified management of strong and weak currents in the traditional building field, prefabricated production in factories, and rapid deployment. It has been deployed and operated in many places in China. The Zhihui Guanjia 4.0 product has added the function of a power router, realizing the integrated intelligent management and work of light, storage, direct and flexible in the construction field, and opening up a new path for zero-carbon buildings .

The China State Construction Green Industrial Park office building in the Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone in China is the world’s first “solar-storage direct-flexible” building. It has been operating efficiently for more than a year, saving more than 100,000 kWh of electricity every year, equivalent to saving about 33.34 standard coal tons, reducing carbon emissions by over 47%, which is equivalent to planting 160,000 square meters of trees. In this pilot project, a large number of solar photovoltaic power generation devices were laid on the roof of more than 400 square meters. Air conditioning, lighting, car charging piles and DC appliances in the area are powered. In the office area, the modified DC electric water heater, refrigerator, coffee machine, and mobile phone charger are all available. Compared with ordinary equipment, the power consumption is lower, and because the voltage below 48V is used, the safety of electricity consumption is also fully guaranteed.