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Optical fiber main distribution frame – profile MODF style

The functions of MODF are diversified. Indoor optical fiber distribution frame, computer room optical fiber distribution frame, radio and television optical fiber distribution frame, fiber optic distribution cabinet, also known as fiber optic distribution cabinet, is used for terminating, protecting and protecting optical cables and optical fibers in optical fiber communication networks. Wiring equipment for connection and management. This device can realize functions such as fixing, stripping, and grounding protection of optical cables, as well as welding, jumping, redundant fiber coiling, reasonable layout, and wiring scheduling of various optical fibers. It is the link between the transmission medium and the transmission equipment. Grouped equipment.

MODF features:

  • Operates on both sides. The front side is the line side, which is used for fixing, stripping, splicing and termination of outdoor optical cables; the back side is the equipment side, which is used for terminal equipment optical cables and jumper fibers ;
  • The frame adopts an open structure, and the front and back wiring operations are beautiful and can save installation space ;
  • Install multi-layer horizontal cable channels to meet the requirements of fiber routing when multiple racks are paralleled ;
  • The fusion splicing and storage of optical fiber and pigtail and the active connection of pigtail and jumper are completed in the same frame body;
  • The 12-core integrated fiber tray can be installed with FC, SC, and ST adapters, and users can choose adapters of different specifications according to actual needs ;
  • It has reliable optical fiber introduction, fixation, and grounding protection devices, and has functions such as resource management, scheduling transmission routing, and optical fiber protective fusion.

designed for the bracket frame . The 72-core unit frame introduced today is used on the front. Each 72-core integrated unit frame is composed of six 12-core integrated trays. The reverse side uses 48 cores. Unit box frame, each 48-core integrated unit frame is composed of four 12-core integrated trays, which can be terminated or welded according to requirements. Each group is equipped with a routing channel on this side, and the left and right are equipped with winding fibers . The device, the optical cable is fixed on the side of the 72-core unit box, which can complete the fixing and stripping of the optical cable, satisfy the fusion of the optical cable in the frame, the fiber jumper before and after the frame , and the cabinet and connection before the frame. The section selected for this model is 40* 60mm Aluminum profile, 72-core unit box and 48-core unit box and other accessories are made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the lower fixing bracket is made of 50*50*5mm angle steel material. The processing steps are less and the installation is convenient, which greatly reduces the production process of general MODF . The load-bearing strength of the profile is also relatively high, and the profile looks beautiful without scratches.