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Optical fiber distribution frame life guarantee technical measures

In order to provide customers with evidence of quality control and quality assurance of optical fiber distribution frame products, it proves that our company is fully capable of continuously and stably producing quality-standard optical fiber distribution frames, and can ensure that the products provided to customers meet industry standards and technical requirements of customers.

Shanghai Huijue establishes, implements and maintains a quality management system in strict accordance with national industry standards, and implements full-process control over the quality activities of optical fiber distribution frames within the product life cycle.

From market research, product design and development, process planning, material procurement, manufacturing, verification to installation and storage, installation delivery, sales, technical support and after-sales service, we have established an institutionalized Processes, written records and the use of process methods to manage each process of the quality management system, so that our product quality can meet industry standards and customer requirements. Focus on customers, identify customer requirements, and achieve customer satisfaction.

Incoming material control

All incoming materials are provided by qualified suppliers. Only after the supplier has passed the investigation, sample review, and on-site review, can he become a qualified supplier and be included in the “Qualified Supplier List” for future reference. Regularly review the qualifications of qualified suppliers and monitor the supply quality, and suspend their supply or cancel their qualified supplier qualifications if they fail the review.

Incoming material inspectors inspect incoming materials according to relevant incoming material inspection specifications and/or drawings, and the inspection results are recorded in the “Product Inspection Report”.

process control

First inspection: The operators and team leaders of the production department shall confirm the first piece according to the process and relevant requirements before mass production of each process, and hand it over to the inspectors of the quality control department. , and fill in the relevant first inspection records.

Production process self-inspection: production operators verify whether the produced products meet the requirements according to the process card, first piece, and relevant standard documents; only after passing the self-inspection can they flow into the next process.

Mutual inspection of the production process: When the next process receives the product from the previous process, it should check whether there is any quality problem in the previous process, and the next step can only be performed after passing the inspection.

Final inspection of the production process: The final production inspection personnel conduct a full inspection of the product according to the process requirements, and fill in the corresponding quality report for the poor quality of the day.

Production process patrol inspection: IPQC and the team leader conduct patrol inspections during the production process to supervise whether the operator operates according to the process requirements and relevant standards.

Factory inspection

Inspectors shall carry out delivery inspection on finished products according to relevant inspection specifications or drawings/process documents and “Product Sampling and Acceptance Procedures”. Only products that pass the inspection can be pasted with “product qualification certificate” and “brand name” before leaving the factory.