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Optical fiber distribution box

Optical fiber distribution box series fiber optic cable distribution box is suitable for the junction point of armored optical cable in optical fiber access network and indoor leather cable. The box is wall-mounted or pole-mounted, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; SC/FC fiber adapters and quick connectors are used to connect and dispatch the outer armored fiber optic cable and the home leather fiber optic cable. Performance index Working temperature: -40℃~+70℃; Storage temperature: -40℃~+70℃; Working humidity: ≤90% (+30℃); Atmospheric pressure: 62Kpa~106Kpa; Insulation resistance: grounding device and The insulation resistance between the gold workpieces in the box is not less than 2X104MΩ/500V (DC); Withstand voltage: the withstand voltage between the grounding device and the gold workpiece in the box is not less than 3000V (DC)/1min; Insertion loss: IL≤ (PC type ); IL≤ (APC type); Return loss: RL≥40dB (PC type); RL≥50dB (UPC type); RL≥60dB (APC type); Interchangeability: ≤. Function description The box is made of high-quality flame-retardant engineering plastics, with good sealing performance and weather resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor wall hanging and pole installation, and the protection level reaches IP55 level; The special leather cable fixing position ensures that the leather cable is fixed and pulled back The pull-off force is not less than 20N; there is a special quick connector passage hole, the quick connector for the termination of the leather cable can be carried out outside the box, and the operation of the quick connector is more convenient; reliable armored optical cable introduction, fixation, stripping protection and grounding device, can fix up to 4 outdoor armored optical cables, which is equivalent to integrating 2-in 2-out optical cable splice box; ; Flap structure design, make full and rational use of box space, ensure sufficient bending radius of optical fiber in the whole process, more convenient for users to reserve suitable redundant optical fibers and reasonable fiber routing; Optical fiber distribution box series products use the same box, through Configuration adjustments to meet different functional requirements.