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optical fiber concentrator

optical fiber concentrator covers the optical fiber concentrator with a wavelength of 400~1700nm, which can focus the light emitted from the optical fiber into a very small spot at a specified position (such as a certain part of the object to be measured), and can also be used as a beam of light reflected by the object to be measured After the convergence function of the original return light, and then compare the phase, energy, spectrum, wavelength, etc. of the emitted light and the returned light beam to achieve the purpose of measuring different characteristics. Huijue Networks has research and development capabilities for various needs, such as integrating transflective and semi-reflective functions and so on. For specific demand wavelengths, please consult our company to confirm the corresponding material reserves. Please consult us for the change of NA of different fiber types corresponding to the change of focal length and spot.

Performance indicatorsSPECIFICATIONS:


* The above parameters do not include connectors, and the loss of standard parameters including connectors increases by 0.3dB
. * With the improvement of technology and the change of matching lenses, the package size will change slightly. If you mind, please consult and confirm before placing an order.