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Optical fiber channel – a different hug for optical fiber

The fiber optic channel is the eternal home of the fiber. Its firmness, safety, strong protection and high flexibility all come from its strong strength and mature technology.
A set of products that can provide full protection and convenient operation of optical fibers. The basic components include: tank body, connecting piece, horizontal elbow, vertical elbow, horizontal tee, horizontal cross, vertical tee, conversion piece, terminal sealing plate, fiber outlet, bell mouth and various support components . Standardized module design, highly engineered, fast, flexible and comprehensive protection for optical fibers.

Product features:
1. The position of the fiber outlet is flexible, and the full arc design is adopted. The corners of the fiber outlet and various three-way and four-way transitions are rounded R≥40mm, ensuring that the fiber bending radius R≥40mm, and the fiber outlet is Made of flame-retardant plastic, with rounded corner protection, it can be moved freely in the groove, so that the fiber can be loaded in a suitable position.
2. The main and column channels are used to arrange the optical fibers separately, and the routing is regular and orderly;
3. The main and column channels are made of high-quality flame-retardant materials, and the surface is smooth, so that the optical fibers are naturally tiled and the routing is neat and orderly; The surface of the small parts is sprayed with plastic, which is beautiful and tidy; the color is bright and the gloss is good, which improves the quality of the computer room; the product itself is light in weight, has high impact toughness and good mechanical properties, and protects the optical fiber from damage.
4. The fiber outlet is made of flame-retardant material, and the installation position is flexible, which can meet the needs of fiber outlet in various places; it is equipped with a large fiber outlet to meet the needs of large-capacity fiber outlet, and the fiber outlet is equipped with a bellows to protect the optical fiber.
5. The capacity of the fiber outlet is large and medium-sized;
6. The material is divided into PVC fiber groove, ABS fiber groove, low-smoke and halogen-free fiber groove (in research and development, very few manufacturers at home and abroad can achieve low-smoke and halogen-free) .
7. Elbows, tees, crosses and various joints with variable diameter and direction can meet various routings; bypass obstacles; flexible and convenient configuration.
8. The overall design of the optical fiber groove and the pigtail cable groove is reasonable in layout, uniform in shape, and beautiful and tidy.
9. Combustion performance of all plastic parts in the channel: the combustion performance grade reaches GB/T2048 1996~FV-0;
10. Standardized modular design, quick and easy installation. The optical fiber pigtail channel is reliably connected, and can be fixed up or down with the grid bridge, U-shaped steel cable tray, and aluminum alloy cable tray.