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Optical fiber access box

The product does not need grinding, glue injection, or consumables during installation, and has the characteristics of high installation quality, high success rate, high reliability and fast installation. The joint tool is easy to carry and does not need power and lighting, which makes it unique in some special occasions. The SC optical fiber quick connector with pre-grinding end face has low average connection loss (<), return loss > 40dB, and allowable tension > 20N. It can be quickly installed with simple tools and is an ideal termination solution for FTTH networks. The information panel is not the main product component that affects the performance of the wiring system, but it is one of the only exposed surface products in the entire wiring system.

Product Features:

Material: High-quality PC or flame retardant/non-flame retardant ABS referred to as alloy material, flame retardant/non-flame retardant (material can be selected according to customer requirements). All materials meet ROHS standards.

Dimensions: 86 * 86, wall mounted installation

Standard: YD/T 926.1-norm.

Temperature: -40~+70℃;

Humidity: ≤85% (temperature 85℃±3℃).

Product advantages:

1: Embedded face frame, easy to install and disassemble;

2: With protective door, dustproof;

3: With a logo for easy identification;

4: Suitable for multiple types of modules and multimedia interfaces;

5: Using high-quality plastic PC/ABS, anti-collision, flame retardant, impact resistance;

6: Each panel can have 1-4 modules, up to 4 modules;

7: All module combinations can be configured according to the customer’s choice;

8: All modules are solder-free mode;

9: The inter-mating relationship requires inter-mating with connectors of the same standard series