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Communication power supply? The free flow intelligent integrated monitoring cabinet is a comprehensive integrated control equipment specially used for the toll road ETC gantry system. This product integrates the integrated cabinet body, east ring monitoring, core control host and UPS uninterruptible power supply. It can meet the function and protection requirements of the front-end core equipment of free flow charging.

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The type of board, coating material, and processing technology determine the stability of the cabinet. Generally, its length specifications are 600, 800mm, width specifications are 600, 800, 1000mm, and height specifications are 42U, 36U, 24U. Most of the cabinets used in the early days were made of castings or angle steels connected or welded into the cabinet frame by screws, rivets, and then made of cover plates (doors) made of thin steel plates. This kind of cabinet is bulky, heavy, and crude in shape, and has been eliminated. With the use of transistors and integrated circuits and the miniaturization of various components, the structure of the cabinet is also developing in the direction of miniaturization and building blocks. The cabinet has developed from the whole panel structure in the past to a box and plug-in structure with a certain size series. There are two types of assembly and arrangement of subracks and plug-ins: horizontal arrangement and vertical arrangement. Cabinet materials generally use thin steel plates, steel profiles of various cross-sectional shapes, aluminum profiles, and various engineering plastics. The frame of the cabinet is not only welded and screwed, but also bonded.

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The IDC data room cabinet is a multi-functional and multi-professional system integration project. In addition to various equipment of the electronic computer system, there are also various environmental protection equipment, such as cold aisle systems, column cabinets, server cabinets, PDU power sockets, power Environmental monitoring system, KVM system. , Only with a reasonable planning of equipment layout can the functions of each subsystem be fully utilized, which facilitates future expansion, facilitates the management of operation and maintenance personnel, and achieves the effect of saving investment and cost.

Micro-module computer room

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Computer room monitoring is mainly for centralized monitoring and management of all equipment and environments in the computer room. Application fields: hotel security intelligent integrated monitoring, building community network video monitoring (cold source system, air conditioning and ventilation system, elevator system, intelligent lighting, Centralized monitoring and remote management of drainage systems, etc.), communication power supply, large data center monitoring (banking, insurance, postal, taxation), small and medium computer room monitoring (government, finance, transportation, telecommunications, hospitals, various small and medium business computer rooms for education ( data room), computer room networking centralized monitoring, and (UPS/power distribution/generator/air conditioning/temperature and humidity/water leakage/wind speed monitoring) vertical server cabinets? Traditional data centers have serious mixing of hot and cold air, uneven temperature gradients, and comparison of local hot spots Serious, the waste of energy consumption is relatively serious; the modular data center uses the construction method of closed aisles, which effectively isolates the hot and cold aisles and avoids ineffective heat exchange. The inter-row air conditioner uses point-to-point precise cooling to greatly improve energy efficiency and utilization.

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