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Network cabinet installation

Cold aisle in the computer room? Traditional data centers usually take months or even years from planning to construction completion, which is incompatible with the rapid replacement cycle of IT equipment. Fast and unable to adapt to the latest IT equipment development needs.

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The type of board, coating material, and processing technology determine the stability of the cabinet. Generally, its length specifications are 600, 800mm, width specifications are 600, 800, 1000mm, and height specifications are 42U, 36U, 24U. Most of the cabinets used in the early days were made of castings or angle steels connected or welded into the cabinet frame by screws, rivets, and then made of cover plates (doors) made of thin steel plates. This kind of cabinet is bulky, heavy, and crude in shape, and has been eliminated. With the use of transistors and integrated circuits and the miniaturization of various components, the structure of the cabinet is also developing in the direction of miniaturization and building blocks. The cabinet has developed from the whole panel structure in the past to a box and plug-in structure with a certain size series. There are two types of assembly and arrangement of subracks and plug-ins: horizontal arrangement and vertical arrangement. Cabinet materials generally use thin steel plates, steel profiles of various cross-sectional shapes, aluminum profiles, and various engineering plastics. The frame of the cabinet is not only welded and screwed, but also bonded.

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Server hosts, storage devices, and server cabinets should be arranged in partitions. Maintenance space should be reserved for hosts, storage devices, server cabinets, UPSs, air conditioners and other equipment according to product requirements, and the maintenance distance of adjacent equipment is allowed to overlap. The clear width of the aisle between the equipment should not be less than 1203mm, so that there is enough space for installation and maintenance. The cold aisle of the computer room, the equipment entering the computer room in stages and the relative position of the reserved expansion equipment must not only conform to the process flow of the computer system, but also facilitate the entry and placement of expansion equipment and the connection of cables in the future.

Network control cabinet

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The first thing we should do before installing the network cabinet is to plan the space. The purpose of this is to achieve better heat dissipation and protection of facilities. The distance between the front and back of the network machine and the wall or other facilities should not be less than 0.8 meters, and the clear height of the machine room should not be less than 2.5 meters. Reasonable site planning before network cabinet installation is very important to reduce the possibility of rework. After the network machine is installed and fixed, the cabinet accessories can be installed directly. In the cold aisle of the computer room, place the cabinet in a pre-planned position, then confirm the front and back of the network cabinet and align its feet with the corresponding foot positioning marks. idc managed cabinet? The rooms that require air conditioning in the computer room of the electronic information system should be arranged in a centralized manner, and the rooms with similar indoor temperature and humidity requirements should be arranged adjacent to each other. The setting of the heating radiator in the main computer room shall be carried out in accordance with the standards in Appendix 1 according to the grade of the computer room of the electronic information system. If a heating radiator is installed, there should be detection and alarm measures, and a shut-off valve should be installed to automatically cut off the water supply when water leaks. Non-combustible materials or flame-retardant B1 grade materials should be used for the insulation and sound-absorbing materials and adhesives of the air ducts and pipes in the computer room of the electronic information system. Cold surfaces need to be treated with air insulation. When the air supply under the raised floor is used, the space under the raised floor should consider the space occupied by the trunking and fire-fighting pipelines.

idc managed cabinet