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Multimedia information box model

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Multimedia information box model

With the continuous improvement and development of the social level, strict management and correct use of low-voltage distribution boxes are essential measures to reduce electricity. In order to do a good job in the processing and use of its low-voltage distribution box, it is necessary to follow the principle of “graded processing and branched processing”. The guidelines are clear and each is responsible. So what are the key points that should be paid attention to in the use of low-voltage non-standard electrical boxes? The power part of the equipment should be numbered, registered, and archived for each low-voltage distribution box, and the skills should be checked and measured on time. Repair electricians should carry out the low-voltage distribution box. If there is severe heating of components, the cause should be found out. The loose wiring should be tightened. If there is dust and debris in the box, it should be cleaned in time to maintain its orderliness. Operators are not allowed to accumulate or hang workpieces and other items within meters in front of the door of the low-voltage distribution box. Water should not accumulate around the low-voltage distribution box. Non-electricians are not allowed to disassemble and assemble electrical components. Obstruct the switch-on with load to avoid the formation of excessive arc to burn power distribution components or to cause burns and scalds by operators.

The company manufactures and installs low-voltage distribution boxes (cabinets) such as PZ30 distribution boxes, PZ40 distribution boxes, Jiye boxes, XL-21 power cabinets, GGD power cabinets, metering boxes, and multimedia;

Maximize the space utilization of the box. 3) The fiber-to-the-home information box is a civilian wall-embedded equipment box, so 220V access minimizes transfer and improves security. 220V power socket wiring, use the strong power transfer terminal to transfer this method, we think it should not be installed in the civil information box. Although the surface is protected by a plastic shell, if the plastic shell is damaged or loosened, it will leave a great safety hazard. Therefore, we recommend connecting the 220V power cord directly to the power strip, which can improve safety and reliability. 4) A common ground terminal should be installed in the optical fiber to the home information box for grounding protection. The weak current box strictly controls the construction process of the TV box The TV box of the weak current box should use the special connector (-5) for the cable TV cable. The method: Steps to strip the copper core of the cable TV coaxial cable by 10~15 mm. Steps Put the fixing ring into the coaxial cable head. Steps Insert the F head and tail between the metal shielding mesh and the inner core insulation layer of the coaxial cable.

Multimedia Box model is specially designed for Fiber to the Home (FTTH), which as the name suggests is a fiber directly to the home. The fiber optic home box is used for the installation of fiber optic home homes, including ONU equipment installation accessories, wireless routers, 86-type fiber optic connection boxes, 2-position three-pin sockets, and network modules, telephone modules, and limited TV can also be selected according to user needs. modules etc. Unified management of household weak current signals, including network, telephone, TV, security and other weak current wiring, mainly to avoid weak current signals from being interfered by strong current, and improve the quality of family life.