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MPO fiber optic jumpers

MPO fiber optic jumpers are designed with 2 cores, 4 cores, 8 cores, and 12 cores, up to 72 cores. Currently, 12-core MPO fiber jumpers are most used. This new type of fiber optic jumper has stable transmission performance, which is convenient for fusion splicing with small optical loss, fast transmission, stable speed up to 40G to avoid interference, and high resolution. Therefore, it is widely used in communication equipment room, fiber-to-the-home, local area network, fiber optic sensor and other fields.

(MPO fiber optic jumper)

This new type of MPO fiber optic jumper can be divided into: trunk type and branch type according to the application scenarios. Among them, the trunk type MPO fiber optic jumper is mainly used for MTP/MPO module connection, which can flexibly change the connection form on the fiber optic panel. Branch fiber patch cords provide a transition between multi-fiber patch cords to single fiber patch cords or duplex connectors.

(MPO fiber jumper application scenario)

According to the connection type: transfer type MPO fiber jumper and non-transfer type MPO fiber jumper. The transfer MPO fiber jumper contains ribbon or bundle MPO fiber jumper, which can be transferred to 2~72 core 0.9 or 2.0 fiber optic cable branches through the optical splitter, and the connector type can be LC, SC, FC and ST type etc.

(Huijue MPO fiber optic jumper)

The compact and good design of the MPO fiber optic jumper makes it a high-quality feature that is not easy to fall off and deform, small in size, durable and environmentally friendly. /100M SFP, SFP+ and other core connection applications inside transceiver equipment. In order to meet the more comprehensive application of fiber optic jumpers, Huijue manufacturers have developed and produced a rich and complete range of fiber optic jumpers and their peripheral products. You can buy them all at one stop and save more time.