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MPO and MTP fiber optic connectors

MPO and MTP fiber optic connectors


MPO is the abbreviation of Multi-fiber Push On in English, the first generation of multi-core optical fiber connector designed by NTT Corporation of Japan. Its main industrial standard is IEC-61754-7, the current national standard is YD/T1272.5-2009, and the American standard is EIA/TIA-604-5.

MTP is the abbreviation of Multi-fiber Termination Push-on in English. It is a trademark registered by the US Conec company for its own MPO connector. Through multiple innovative designs, it has done a lot of optimization on the MPO connector and has its own patent. Protect. Therefore, MTP connectors are MPO connectors, but they have better mechanical and optical properties than ordinary MPO connectors. MTP connectors, in full compliance with the professional standards of all MPO connectors.

MTP is a high-performance MPO connector.

  1. Composition of MPO connector


The MPO connector is a multi-core multi-channel plug-in connector. Its main feature is a rectangular ferrule with a standard diameter of 6.4mm×2.5mm. It uses two guide holes with a diameter of 0.7mm on the left and right sides of the ferrule end face and guide pins (Pin) for precise positioning. The pitch of the needles is 4.6mm.


It is mainly used for the connection of multi-core side-by-side optical fibers. The common ones are 8-core, 12-core, 24-core, etc. At present, some companies can provide 72-core or even 96-core fiber connections, and the distance between fibers is 250um. When the MPO connector is docked, a spring installed at the end of the ferrule exerts an axial pressure on the ferrule until the outer frame of the connector is locked with the adapter. There is a protrusion (Key) on the side of the ferrule, which is used to determine the correct wire sequence when connecting. There is a white mark (White dot) on the side of the outer frame sleeve, which is used to identify the position of the optical fiber.