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Modularization of Power Distribution Equipment Supports Sustainable Development of Data Centers

At present, China is implementing the strategy of counting from the east to the west . In the future, China’s data centers will develop towards 8 major hub nodes and 10 major cluster regions. With the deepening of the digital transformation process of various industries, the demand for high computing power and scale of data centers is becoming more and more urgent.

Today’s data centers have undergone tremendous changes in terms of power consumption, especially facing challenges such as increased power density, increasing number of independent IT equipment, and the need to add or remove equipment on the basis of existing IT facilities. Traditional power distribution systems pose great challenges.


At present, Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to developing an efficient, scalable, and reconfigurable data center power distribution architecture for the disadvantages of traditional power distribution systems used in current data centers. It has the following characteristics : Safely add or change circuits in the running system; monitor the power of all circuits; remotely monitor the status of all circuit breakers; deploy IT areas or related power distribution areas at any time; Cables meet all power requirements; capacity and redundancy for each branch circuit can be managed.

Unlike traditional power distribution equipment, new power distribution equipment uses modular power distribution components. There are standardized connection sockets on the back panel of the cabinet, and users can add new circuits without hot work or shutdown. Standard circuit breakers, current sensors, and position sensors are installed in hot-swappable modules, and the entire assembly is connected with pre-terminated wire sets in multiple length options; each module is programmed to know the wire length. To further increase safety, the power distribution module can optionally include devices to protect users from leakage current hazards. The integrated monitoring solution is adopted to clearly present local device information for users, and at the same time, the network management card transmits key information to the monitoring platform, so that all information is under control.

Compared with installing traditional power distribution cabinets, the installation process of modular power distribution systems is much simpler and more convenient, especially suitable for these renovation projects. With the development of data centers, the advantages of modular power distribution cabinets are more obvious when upgrading traditional data centers.