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Modular data center solutions provide industry-leading

Modular data center solutions provide industry-leading cloud computing solutions, including cloud-based IT equipment, such as servers, storage, and networks. The solution adopts a high-performance, cloud computing-oriented customizable server, and applies an intelligent cloud computing operation management platform to fully realize the unified management, unified deployment, unified monitoring and unified backup of data center resources.

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  1. The cabinet can be divided into two basic structures: profiles and thin plates according to the load-bearing, materials and manufacturing processes of the components. ① Profile structure cabinet: There are two types of steel profile cabinets and aluminum profile cabinets. The steel profile cabinet is composed of special-shaped seamless steel pipes as columns.
  2. The rigidity and strength of this cabinet is good for heavy equipment. The aluminum profile cabinet composed of aluminum alloy profiles has certain rigidity and strength, and is suitable for general or light equipment. This kind of cabinet is light in weight, less in processing amount, beautiful in appearance, and is widely used. ②Thin plate structure cabinet: the whole plate type cabinet, the side plate is formed by bending a whole piece of steel plate. This kind of cabinet has good rigidity and strength, and is suitable for heavy or general equipment. But because the side panels cannot be disassembled, it is inconvenient to assemble and maintain.
  3. The structure of the bent plate column cabinet is similar to that of the profile cabinet, and the column is made of bent steel plates. This kind of cabinet has a certain rigidity and strength, and is suitable for general equipment.

Server hosts, storage devices, and server cabinets should be arranged in partitions. Maintenance space should be reserved for hosts, storage devices, server cabinets, UPSs, air conditioners and other equipment according to product requirements, and the maintenance distance of adjacent equipment is allowed to overlap.

The clear width of the aisle between the equipment should not be less than 1200mm, so as to provide enough space for installation and maintenance.

The Huijue network data center solution divides the equipment entering the computer room and the relative position of the reserved expansion equipment in stages. It must not only conform to the process flow of the computer system, but also facilitate the entry and location of expansion equipment and the connection of cables in the future.

Server Cabinet


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Compared with the comfort air conditioner with the same cooling capacity, the circulating air volume of the special air conditioner for the computer room is about twice as large, and the corresponding enthalpy difference is only half. The special air conditioner for the computer room usually does not need dehumidification during operation, and the large circulating air volume will make the unit in the air. When operating above the dew point, it is not necessary to cool the air below the dew point in order to cope with the humidity load like a comfort air conditioner. Therefore, the unit can improve the thermal efficiency of the unit operation by increasing the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant, thereby improving the economy of operation.

Huijue network data center solution, similarly, the temperature and humidity indicators of the computer room are required to be relatively stable, and a larger circulating air volume will help stabilize the temperature and humidity indicators of the computer room. Obviously, under the condition of a certain cooling capacity, the increase of the air volume will lead to enthalpy difference.

Therefore, usually the unit can only operate under the condition of a relatively high sensible heat ratio, which is just in line with the load characteristics of the machine room. Is the cold aisle in the computer room closed? The conduction heat that enters the computer room through the roof, walls, partitions and other enclosure structures of the computer room is a quantity related to the season, time, geographical location and the angle of the sun.

Therefore, it is a very complicated problem to accurately obtain such a quantity. When calculating the enclosure structure that is not in direct contact with the outdoor air, such as partitions, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor calculations should be multiplied by the correction coefficient, and its value is usually 0.4 to 0.8. When the glass is irradiated by sunlight, part of it is reflected, part of it is absorbed by the glass, and the rest passes through the glass into the computer room and is converted into heat. The heat absorbed by the glass increases the temperature of the glass, and part of it enters the machine room through convection and becomes a heat load. The intensity of solar radiation heat q varies with latitude, season and time, and varies with the angle of solar radiation. For specific values, please refer to local weather information.

Is the cold aisle in the computer room closed?