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Micro-modular cabinet system solution

The energy storage micro-module cabinet system is a cabinet-level micro-data center specially developed by Shanghai Huijue Networks according to the new development trend of the global IT system – including precision air conditioners, UPS, monitoring units, PDUs, and KVMs in one or more cabinets The installation of such equipment has many advantages such as reducing the cost of user IT system construction, rapidly deploying core services, and being green and energy-saving.

The integrated solution of the micro-modular cabinet system is a brand-new computer room construction concept. By integrating the intelligent infrastructure through the entire row of cabinets, it provides you with a cost-effective overall computer room. The computer room achieves IT goals.

Main application occasions: urban police station outlets, urban small and medium-sized enterprises, computer rooms of large enterprise branches, telecommunications business halls, bank outlets, PetroChina (petrochemical) gas stations, railway communication computer rooms, highway toll computer rooms, etc., to provide customers with precision air conditioners , cabinets, UPS, PDU, KVM power environment monitoring system and other one-stop solutions.

Application advantages of micro-module cabinet system

◆Shorter construction period: cabinet type computer room, no engineering construction;

◆High configuration: rich and reliable configuration in one or more cabinets, comparable to a small data center;

◆Modular expansion: users can invest while growing according to their own business development, avoiding the waste of initial investment;

◆Management is more convenient: For the micro-module integrated cabinet system distributed in various places, the network management personnel stay at home, and through the remote monitoring system, the system operation status can be seen at a glance;

◆Green and energy-saving: Each cabinet is equipped with an independent refrigeration unit, which is only responsible for temperature control in the cabinet, instead of cooling the entire room like a traditional air conditioner.