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Market prospect analysis and discussion of pre-connected ODN products

The “White Paper on Next-Generation ODN Network Construction Solutions” compiled by the China Association of Communication Enterprises led by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology was officially released on September 15 . The white paper was organized by the China Association of Communications Enterprises, with the participation of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Unicom Research Institute, China Mobile Design Institute Co., Ltd., and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Optical distribution network (ODN) is the basis of optical fiber broadband network. As a physical facility connecting the communication room and broadband user equipment, it has entered the streets and alleys with the broadband network and is closely connected with the majority of communication users. The current traditional ODN facility form and construction model have been solidified for many years and are facing many challenges. In the construction stage, it faces problems such as high civil engineering costs and long construction period; on-site optical fiber connection needs fusion splicing, and high labor costs. In the operation and maintenance phase, there have been long-term pain points such as repeated installation and maintenance operations affecting the quality of facilities and difficulties in managing “dumb resources”. In this context, the industry is actively exploring and promoting the next-generation evolution of ODN networks to the next generation of “flexible and scalable, easy to maintain and deploy, high reliability, and precise resource management” through innovative technology leadership and digital intelligence management empowerment to support High-quality development of the network‘.


Research firm Analysys Mason released a market share report on ODN ” Optical distribution networks (ODNs) of the future: pre – connectorised and digitalised ” . The report surveyed 20 operators around the world and studied the value of pre-connection and digital ODN to operators . The report believes that pre-connection and digital technologies can reduce FTTP deployment costs, speed up deployment, and provide convenience for operators. The report predicts the development of pre-connection ODN in the next five years:

The proportion of FTTP users who use pre-connected ODN new access globally will increase from 21% in 2022 to 39% in 2026 (as shown in the figure below). In 2026, 33 million household users will access the optical fiber network through pre-connected ODN. Analysys Mason believes that pre-connection and digitization represent important trends in the future development of the ODN industry, and the standard organization ETSI has also released related standards.

Proportion of new FTTP households using pre-connected ODN globally, 2022-2026


Analysys Mason also researched the market share of pre-connected ODN vendors. Analysys Mason asked 20 of the world’s leading FTTP operators about the share of each vendor’s pre-connected ODN in their networks, and synthesized the vendor’s contract winning announcements and their public statements about using pre-connected access to the home. Then, the market share of the top 6 global suppliers of new FTTP using pre-connected ODN users in 2021 was summarized and analyzed (as shown in the figure below), and Huawei is in the leading position in the market.


Global Market Shares of Top 6 Manufacturers Using Pre-connection ODN Solutions for New FTTP in 2021


Large-scale deployment of pre-connected digital ODN helps operators accelerate network construction and improve O&M efficiency

As people have higher requirements for network services in the future, it will definitely bring about an increase in the demand for rapid FTTP construction. In order to meet the network coverage goals required by the government, traditional fixed network operators urgently need solutions for rapid network construction. Mobile operators and cable operators who are new to the fixed network field, even operators without telecom background, also have the requirements of rapid network construction and efficient operation and maintenance. In view of the above requirements, suggestions are given:

During ODN deployment, operators need to consider the benefits of the pre-connection solution. Operators should pay more attention to the deployment of the home section and the speed of number allocation. Operators should use ODN digitalization as a tool to ensure that optical fiber subcontractors perform construction according to the required standards. Operators also need to understand the benefits of ODN digitization in the fiber installation and maintenance phase. Based on the above points, Analysys Mason recommends that operators increase the scale of pre-connection and digitalization in network deployment, speed up construction, and improve O&M efficiency.