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Maintenance equipment room equipment environment is not suitable for the problem

Water leakage monitoring system is mainly to maintain the computer room, data center, computer room, power distribution room, archive room and museum and other important materials and server equipment security.




The remote water leakage monitoring system is a modular intelligent environmental monitoring system with high reliability and stability. The system consists of three parts: front-end equipment, client/server APP, and PC large-screen.




In order to carry out more efficient operation, maintenance and management of important equipment in the computer room, Pan-Geo-Technology has deployed a set of iot monitoring system for the data center room to realize centralized monitoring in different environments by synchronizing the APP terminal of the mobile phone and the WEB terminal of the computer.




Users can check the running status of water leakage sensor in real time after logging in the outdoor room through the client APP/PC, and the service provider can monitor the running status of water leakage sensor through the server APP/PC after users share the equipment. Through the humanized visual display, the running status of the system can be visually monitored on the large screen of the mobile phone. When water leakage occurs, both sides can receive alarm information synchronously, and the rapid response can eliminate the flood.




The water leakage monitoring system in the computer room has the characteristics of fast response, strong function and easy operation, and is suitable for the security prevention and control work in the data center and computer room. For software product customization development, Pan Geo-tech has accumulated many years of rich experience and customer resources. Widely received customer praise and trust, is the industry information solution outdoor room solution provider.




Water leakage in the equipment room is harmful. A water leakage monitoring system must be established to ensure the device operation and data storage security. The use of water leakage monitoring system, can prevent the damage of water leakage, the room will be more secure.




Problems caused by inappropriate equipment room environment




If the environment of the data room is not suitable, data processing and storage will be negatively affected, which may lead to data running errors, downtime, and even frequent and complete shutdown of the system.




  1. High and low temperatures. High temperatures, low temperatures, or rapid temperature fluctuations can disrupt data processing and shut down the entire system. Temperature fluctuations may change the electronic and physical characteristics of electronic chips and other outdoor computer room board components, resulting in operational errors or failures. These problems may be temporary or may last for several days. Even temporary problems can be difficult to diagnose and fix.




  1. High humidity. High humidity may cause tape deformation, disk scratches, dew on the rack, paper adhesion, and MOS circuit breakdown.




  1. Low humidity Low humidity not only generates static electricity, but also increases the release of static electricity, which may cause system instability or data errors.




In many important work information processing is an indispensable link, therefore, the normal operation of the company can not do without constant temperature and humidity data room.


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