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Low-voltage cabinet introduction

Low-voltage switchgear, when many people see this word, they may first think of it as something related to pressure, thinking that it is similar to a pressure switch. The fact is completely different, low-voltage switchgear, the low voltage here does not mean low pressure, but low voltage. The simple and clear summary is that in the case of low voltage, the transmission of high voltage electricity is controlled by adjusting the low voltage switchgear. the

In fact, when the power plant generates electricity, the electricity is transmitted to the cable, and then the electricity is transported to our home through the cable, the voltage has changed several times. After the power plant generates electricity, the voltage will be increased to generate high-voltage electricity. Before the high-voltage electricity transmitted through the cable is transmitted to our home, the high-voltage electricity needs to be changed to 220v, and then transmitted to each of our households.

So here comes the key point, let alone us, even ordinary electrical appliances cannot withstand these high-voltage electricity, so the question arises, how can we make these high-voltage electricity and transformers come into contact safely? At that time, the low-voltage switchgear plays a very critical step here. The high-voltage power is first transmitted to the power supply bureau, and the low-voltage switchgear is also located in the power supply bureau. By controlling the low-voltage switchgear, the high-voltage power is controlled to contact the contact cabinet in the power supply bureau, and then the transformer will The high-voltage electricity is converted into household electricity and output. the

The main function of the low-voltage switch is to control and protect the power system. The low-voltage switch can operate through the power grid, and then input the operation needs through a part of the power equipment or through some lines, or exit the operation. At the same time, the low-voltage switch can also cut off the faulty part of that section in the power grid when a power failure occurs. Therefore, the low-voltage switchgear can not only ensure that there is no faulty part of the power grid so that it can continue to operate normally, but also can ensure the safety of maintenance personnel during the maintenance of power failures. In addition, the operation of the low-voltage switchgear is also very convenient and simple. We can check and repair the line without power off, and the components in the low-voltage switchgear will not affect each other, but we still need to Pay attention to only controlling the low-voltage switch line, so that you can control the walking route of the circuit. the

Today, we also have various types of low-voltage switchgear on the market. After comparing the quality, a certain German brand is the best. However, the level of science and technology in our country is also developing rapidly, and we have been moving forward on the road of research and production of low-voltage switchgear. With the continuous progress of our country on this road, more and more manufacturers have been able to produce low-voltage switchgear with good quality. I believe that in the near future, we will produce higher-quality low-voltage switchgear.