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Huijue intelligent communication photoelectric hybrid box series products are intelligent communication protective box communication products independently developed according to the needs of video management informatization in the construction of smart cities, safe cities, intelligent transportation, Xueliang engineering and other fields. On the basis of meeting the various functional requirements of the original protective communication box, this product combines the characteristics of the safe city monitoring platform and the demand for future information management, increases the application of Internet of Things communication technology, and adopts a modular layout. Perfect network management functions and real-time status display ensure the timeliness, reliability, continuity and intelligence of the entire system, saving a lot of manpower and economic costs. It is a preferred product in the domestic monitoring field.

Huijue intelligent communication photoelectric hybrid box adopts the innovative structural design of “clamshell type modularization”, which separates the strong and weak parts, installs various functional modules by category, and reserves various cables to the storage compartment; when the equipment is installed, There is no need to install functional modules, just plug the cables of external devices into the interface.

Huijue intelligent communication photoelectric hybrid box adopts modular function design, which integrates data acquisition, data output, data storage, protocol conversion, digital alarm, intelligent temperature control and other functional modules into multiple functional modules, realizing the light weight and low cost of the product. failure and high reliability.

Huijue intelligent communication photoelectric hybrid box mainly has the function of remote network management, and the supporting background equipment operation and maintenance management system can remotely monitor the status of the intelligent monitoring box itself and external equipment (device status, power status, network status, cabinet opening and closing status, etc. ), handle abnormal work or equipment failure (intelligent inspection, automatic alarm, alarm log record, faulty equipment location, automatic equipment online, etc.), realize remote management (information query, parameter configuration, automatic synchronization, remote switch control, etc.).

The on-site maintenance of Huijue intelligent communication photoelectric mixing box is convenient, and the phenomenon that the existing products on the market must be returned to the factory for maintenance is eliminated. The maintenance can be completed only by replacing the functional modules, which greatly shortens the maintenance time and saves maintenance costs.