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Laser printer rack splitter

A few days ago, Hai’an Huijue’s sheet metal workshop received an order for a rack-mounted splitter. The workshop staff immediately got busy and stepped up production after receiving the order. This batch of orders has a total of 66 units, although for workshop workers, this batch of orders

Time is tight and tasks are heavy, but everyone is not afraid of difficulties, and every staff member in the workshop is busy.

Regarding the process of laser printing, as we all know, the principle of laser printing is laser marking through discoloration, ablation, carbonization, annealing or engraving; small marking, edge lettering or surface modification for parts designed for day and night. 1D/2D codes and alphanumeric codes, serial and batch numbers, use-by dates, logos, images, graphics and customer-specific content for all required content traceability can be efficiently applied, repeatable and reliably traceable. With the integrated vision alignment (positioning) system IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning), FOBA laser engraving machines can provide Optical Character Verification (OVC) as well as automatic reading of 1D/2D codes.

The fiber laser marking machine adopts the third-generation solid-state fiber laser generator, which has stable output power, fast marking speed, exquisite effect, high efficiency and maintenance-free. It is currently the most advanced laser marking machine.

The rack-mounted optical splitter is designed for standard 19″ cabinet installation, which can meet the requirements of high wiring density in data centers or server rooms. It is generally packaged in a metal box, which is easy to install in optical fiber engineering. It is suitable for PLC splitter devices It can also play a good role in protection. There are various adapter installation interfaces such as SC, LC, FC or ST connectors. Rack mount optical splitters are widely used in FTTX projects, cable TV systems and data communication centers.

I believe that no matter how difficult the task is, with the joint efforts of all the staff of Huijue, all difficulties will be overcome, and it will be successfully completed with high quality and high efficiency!