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It’s so cute, the antenna of the communication base station looks like this now!


Does the communication base station antenna look like in your impression ? Maybe you remember them like this:

If the antenna can become like this:

Will it make you feel better after seeing it ? These antennas are actually called beautification antennas.

Beautifying the antenna is the product of the mobile communication base station construction conforming to the market development. With the enhancement of residents’ awareness of law and self-health protection, the construction of the original tower antenna and antenna support on the roof is easily attacked by public opinion and opposed by residents .

Although the electromagnetic radiation design in the current wireless network construction project can fully meet the public radiation requirements stipulated by the national standard, the antenna is directly exposed on the top of the building, which will still bring a sense of discomfort to more and more residents who pay attention to “green environmental protection”. The sense of security leads them to resist or even fight against wireless electromagnetic waves, which increases the difficulty of antenna network construction.

The emergence of beautifying antennas not only beautifies the visual environment of the city, but also reduces the fear and resistance of residents to the wireless electromagnetic environment, ensuring the quality of communication.

According to the “2020 Communication Industry Statistical Bulletin” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the number of mobile communication base stations nationwide reached 9.31 million. Among them, there are 5.75 million 4G base stations and 718,000 5G base stations . With the enhancement of people’s visual awareness of the environment and the higher distribution density of 5G base stations, the application of beautifying antennas will become more and more extensive.

Shanghai Huijue Network include plate antennas, integrated beautification antennas, and beautification covers. There are hundreds of 2G/3G/4G/5G base station antenna product series such as multi-beam antennas and multi-mode antennas, and support AISG remote control ESC protocol, fully meeting GSM/CDMA/DCS/PCS/WCDMA/WIMAX/LTE/MIMO and other communications Outdoor coverage, hotspot coverage, indoor coverage and community coverage under the standard; indoor antennas include indoor distributed antennas and community antennas, such as spotlight antennas, elevator antennas, ceiling antennas, wall-mounted antennas and other beautifying antennas, etc., which can be easily It can ensure the area coverage of the signal, the appearance is beautiful and compact, and it has the characteristics of high gain, wide frequency bandwidth, and strong concealment.