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Inventory of the role of the latest fiber optic terminal box

If you want to connect the fiber optic cable pigtails, you need to use a fiber optic terminal box. The fiber optic terminal box is a device that splits an optical cable into a single optical fiber. Fusion splicing, fusion splicing of optical fibers and pigtails, and handover of optical connectors. Below, Kelan will take stock of the functions of the latest fiber optic terminal boxes.

The fiber optic terminal box provides mechanical protection and environmental protection for the optical fiber and its components, and allows proper inspection to maintain the highest standard of fiber management.

The role of fiber optic terminal box

  1. The transfer box can be divided into optical cable transfer box and cable transfer box. They are all used for wiring at the front end of the user.
  2. The junction box generally refers to the optical cable junction box, also called the optical cable junction box. In some places, especially the radio and television system, it is also called the optical splicing package, and its function is to protect the optical cable connector from external damage. The distribution frame is also divided into optical cable distribution frame and cable distribution frame, which also acts like a transfer box, but it is used in the operator’s computer room.

The function of fiber optic terminal box

  1. Fixed function

After the optical cable enters the rack, its outer sheath and strengthening core must be mechanically fixed, ground wire protection components must be installed, the end protection treatment should be performed, and the optical fibers should be grouped and protected.

  1. Acceptance function

After the optical fiber drawn from the optical cable is fused with the tail cable, the redundant optical fiber is coiled and stored, and the fusion joint is protected.

  1. Allocation function

Insert the attached connector on the tail cable into the adapter, and realize optical connection with the optical connector on the other side of the adapter. Adapters and connectors should be able to be plugged and pulled flexibly; the optical path can be freely deployed and tested.

  1. Storage function

Provide storage for various cross-connected optical cables between racks, so that they can be placed neatly and orderly. There should be an appropriate space and method in the optical fiber terminal box, so that the routing of this part of the optical connection line is clear, easy to adjust, and can meet the requirements of the minimum bending radius. With the development of optical fiber network, the existing functions of optical fiber terminal box can no longer meet many new requirements. Some manufacturers directly add some optical fiber network components such as optical splitters, wavelength division multiplexers and optical switches to the optical fiber terminal box.