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Introduction to MPO Link Line

MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) is one of the MT series connectors. The compact design of MPO makes it have a large number of cores and a small size. It is widely used in the connection of FTTX and 40/100G SFP, SFP+ and other internal connection applications in the environment where high-density integrated optical fiber lines are required in the wiring process. Its connector end faces are as follows:

At present, the highest end surface can be made into 6 rows, with 12 cores in each row, and a total of 72 cores.

MPO products mainly include MPO fiber optic patch cords, MPO fiber optic adapters, MPO distribution boxes, MPO connectors, MPO fiber optic cables, etc.

The MPO/MTP high-density optical fiber pre-connection system is currently mainly used in three major areas: the application of high-density environments in data centers, the application of optical fiber to buildings, and the internal connection applications of optical splitters, 40G, 100G SFP, SFP+ and other optical transceivers. .