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Introduction to Family Information Box

This device is adapted to provide centralized management of various media information of various users in a modern intelligent community, which is simple and convenient. New intelligent multimedia home information access box, wiring box, weak current box. It can connect voice, data, image, security transmission equipment and equipment for control management. Fundamentally change the phenomenon of unclear images caused by users’ self-wiring in residential homes, loud telephone signal noise, and slow broadband network speed.

It can effectively solve the access problems of home telephone, Internet, cable TV, etc., and can avoid various network problems caused by conventional wiring system failures, as well as repeated investment caused by rewiring due to environmental changes, thus not only saving Material resources are saved, and human resources are also saved. Function modules such as HUB, voice, safety and alarm module, video signal and so on can be selected in the box

Product Features and Functions

1 The cabinet is a sheet metal cabinet with high strength and beautiful appearance;

2 Home informatization, comfort and safety

3 Equipped with fiber optic transceivers and pigtail installation fixtures for Ethernet access;

4 Full frontal operation, saving space in the machine room;

  1. The audio distribution module has high density and clear identification, and the cable entry jumper is fully frontalized;

6 Equipped with ADSL equipment and wiring installation fixtures for ADSL broadband access;

7 There is enough optical fiber storage space to ensure the curvature radius of optical cables and optical fibers;

8 Equipped with network equipment, hubs, switches and other equipment wiring installation fixtures;

9 Equipped with audio cable wiring and equipment power access safety socket;

10 All technical performance indicators meet or exceed relevant technical standards.

Product Specifications

The working temperature of the product: -10℃~+55℃, the ability of the product to adapt to the environment: it has the ability of anti-salt spray corrosion, waterproof, dustproof, anti-condensation, windproof and shockproof. The surface of the box is sprayed to help prevent sunlight radiation Relative humidity: ≤85% (+30°C), lightning protection: 470V, 2500A, fan start-up temperature ≥35°C, power supply: 220V/AC multi-socket.