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Introduction to BLE Optical Box Smart Door Lock

Traditional mechanical locks have gone through nearly a hundred years of history, and their functions and performance have almost been interpreted to the extreme. However, it still cannot meet the requirements of modern people for high reliability, high security, informatization and intelligence of locksets. In recent years, locks have also developed new developments with the advancement of technology, especially since the advent of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, people have applied this technology to locks and invented various Bluetooth smart locks with rich functions. .

We often see operators’ optical cable transfer boxes (referred to as optical transfer boxes). Although these ordinary street cabinets are inconspicuous, they are responsible for protection, connection, dispatch and management of all enterprises, institutions, and households. The role of the backbone optical cable and the branch optical cable. However, with the rapid development of the optical fiber transmission network, there are more and more optical cable transfer boxes. How to effectively and scientifically manage these boxes has always been a problem faced by operators.

There are several common problems in the practical application of optical cross boxes.

(1) The safety factor of the mechanical lock is low;

(2) Key management is difficult, and it is easy to lose, mistake and be copied;

(3) There is no record of unlocking, and the problem cannot be traced back;

(4) The maintenance and repair records are not timely, and the data error rate is high.

Nowadays, the promotion and application of smart locks in China has made substantial progress. Whether it is smart home or smart logistics, the convenience, safety, and networking of IoT smart locks have improved management efficiency and realized cloud management. People’s lives have brought great convenience. Therefore, in view of the above points, our company has proposed an intelligent transformation plan for the optical cable transfer box based on Bluetooth technology. On the one hand, it improves the safety of the lock body of the optical cable transfer box; It is helpful to establish a management and supervision mechanism for unlocking behaviors of internal personnel in the company.

Compared with traditional mechanical locks and smart locks, Bluetooth smart locks have the following advantages:

  1. Lower device power consumption

Smart locks based on Bluetooth technology have outstanding advantages in power consumption. The BLE low-power Bluetooth module of Shengrun Technology has ultra-low power consumption in broadcasting, transmission, standby and sleep modes. For example, the HY-254101 module is in the sleep state Power consumption is only 0.45uA avg.

  1. Reduce business operating costs

Due to the inefficiency of inspection work of traditional outdoor optical delivery boxes using mechanical locks, in order to ensure the normal operation of the communication network, enterprises have to invest a lot of manpower to maintain the optical delivery boxes. The intelligent monitoring brought by the use of Bluetooth smart locks, convenient mobile phone door opening, advanced sensor environment monitoring and other functions have effectively improved the work efficiency of maintenance personnel and reduced the cost of enterprise employment.

  1. Mobile phone unlocking, convenient and flexible

Authorized unlocking through the mobile phone APP can completely replace all functions of the electronic lock, and also allows maintenance personnel to throw away a lot of keys; at the same time, each opening is recorded, and any problem can be traced back to the responsible person. The BLE optical delivery box smart door lock solution is a safe, reliable, flexible, convenient, recordable, and low-cost solution.