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Introduction of Shanghai Huijue Outdoor Integrated Cabinet

product description

The outdoor integrated cabinet is a product that is safe, reliable, strong in anti-theft performance, low in noise, good in heat dissipation, and takes up little space. The base station equipment, power supply equipment, battery, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and other supporting equipment can be installed in the cabinet, or the installation space and heat exchange capacity can be reserved for the above equipment, which can provide reliable mechanical and environmental protection for the normal operation of the internal equipment. . The integrated cabinet is composed of a battery cabinet, a power cabinet, and an equipment cabinet, making full use of the available space inside each cabinet. When selecting the location of the outdoor cabinet, choose a well-ventilated area and install it in an open area or on the floor. Try not to install it in a residential corridor or in a residential room, so as not to affect the ventilation and heat dissipation effect, and the equipment operation noise disturbs the residents. When installing, there must be a reliable channel steel base or cement pier, away from low-lying areas and high-dust areas, and have a qualified grounding row.

The outdoor integrated cabinet is based on the Internet, the Internet of Things, and wireless sensor technology. Through the comprehensive energy management and control platform, the energy data, communication status, and environmental status inside the cabinet are uniformly supervised. Built-in edge computing and emergency dispatching strategy, when an abnormal power supply event occurs, it can automatically execute the dispatching strategy according to the emergency plan, make an emergency response, and ensure the power supply of important equipment and facilities such as the charging system.

Product Composition

Intelligent power distribution unit, strong current/weak current unit, cabinet micro-environment control, alarm monitoring system, communication unit, edge computing unit.

product design

The outdoor integrated cabinet adopts the structural design of “double cabin modularization”, separates strong and weak electricity, integrates a variety of power supply and distribution units for comprehensive management and control, has input modules such as diesel generators and photovoltaics, integrated AC/DC power distribution, and power module can be plug – and-play. It has the functions of remote automatic control, grading and first start-up, and short-circuit protection. Solve problems such as extensive infrastructure management and insufficient resource utilization, and avoid problems such as multiple laying of cables caused by scattered installation of different equipment.


Double cabin design : strong and weak current separation, safe and reliable

Load side: load classification, precise control

Power side: multi-source access, power supply guarantee

Information side: IoT management and control, data encryption