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Introduction of multifunctional road traffic pole



It is mainly used for road lighting and beautiful design. On the basis of ordinary light poles, various information functions such as smart lighting, scrolling advertising screens, monitoring equipment, and micro-station equipment are added . Using the light pole as the carrier, it integrates lighting control, video surveillance, voice broadcast, green charging, information release, road traffic guidance lights, signage and other functions. In addition to the conventional leakage protection, a layer of composite The materials are beautiful and wear-resistant, and the insulation strength can reach more than 10,000 volts. The built-in integrated management platform realizes resource sharing, reduces development costs, realizes the interconnection and interaction of equipment and facilities, gives full play to its characteristics of high density and wide distribution, and increases light control. , Security cameras, communication base stations, public broadcasting, information release screens, road traffic lights, signs and other N types of application equipment;
Its main functions include:
The smart micro-station management and control system includes smart lighting management and control module, smart monitoring module, LED screen display control module, broadcasting audio module, smart charging pile module, road traffic guidance lights, soft signs and various modules and integrated centralized control.
Smart lighting includes multiple lighting sources. It is a combination of the main lighting source and the colorful external light source. It is generally controlled by the smart lighting module of the micro-station management and control system. It is characterized by secondary energy saving, intelligent monitoring, and humanization. management .
The intelligent monitoring system monitors the surrounding environment through the high-definition camera, shoots, and the uploaded picture information is controlled by the intelligent monitoring module;
the LED billboard uses the LED screen to scroll and display the background data information.
The broadcast audio is realized by the audio control module and the content of the LED screen through voice broadcast to achieve screen synchronization, and can also be used as an emergency warning broadcast;
a wireless network device is installed on the top of the pole body to cover the surrounding wireless network and meet the needs of the own light pole.
Environmental monitoring equipment is added to the light arm of the main pole to detect and collect data from the surrounding real-time environment.
The bottom of the rod body is integrated with the smart micro-station management and control system to integrate the smart charging pile module to meet the needs of the environment;
the rod body of the main rod is equipped with a chute -type pick-up arm installation method, which is more convenient for the installation and height adjustment of the pick-up arm in the later stage , and realizes the pole body. expansion and maintenance;

The multi-functional road traffic pole is completely different from ordinary street lights, and its functions are more diverse and perfect;