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Introduction of fiber distribution frame

Today I will introduce a fiber distribution frame to you. The ODF rack is divided into line side and equipment side. The line side is the connection equipment between optical cables and optical communication equipment. It is used to connect the fiber optic pigtail at the end of the optical cable and the fiber optic pigtail from the high-speed line side optical interface of the equipment . It is used for the termination (or introduction) and distribution of the optical cable (or the lead-out and fixation of the distribution pigtail). This ODF is used for transmission equipment The connection/jumper between the line unit and the outer line of the fiber optic cable.

Equipment side (scheduling side) ODF or branch side ODF or precisely ODF for dispatching: it is generally used to connect the pigtails drawn from the optical branch terminal board of the equipment , and the other end can be transferred to other transmission systems to realize Interconnection of different transmission systems (equipment) The model we are looking at below is a cabinet of 2200-840-300 on the line side:

◇ The frame is made of high-strength galvanized cold-rolled steel plate, which has high strength, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, and can resist accidental or vicious damage;

◇ It adopts a closed and detachable structure, and the front wiring operation is convenient for installation against the wall, which is beautiful and saves installation space ;

◇ 19-inch standard, the unit body and each module can be taken out separately, which is convenient for flexible configuration and expansion;

◇ The frame has reliable and perfect grounding protection;

◇ The drawer-type tray integrates fusion splicing, disk storage and wiring, and has a simple and clear structure, which not only ensures the curvature radius of the optical fiber, but also greatly simplifies the engineering maintenance workload;

◇ The adapter adopts inclined and card-type installation, which is quick and convenient to operate, and has low transmission loss, avoiding possible damage to the eyes during optical transmission. The card holder can be installed with FC type, SC type, and LC type adapters;

The 19-inch modular design improves the versatility of the unit. Users can choose the number of units according to actual needs. Parts in different types of racks can be used in common, flexible stocking, and fast delivery.