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Introduction, classification and application of optical fiber looper/loopback

Optical fiber looper ( Lookback ), also known as optical module self-loop test looper, is used for signal backhaul in the test system or network system, through the backhaul signal (mainly connected in pairs from the TX transmitter to the RX receiver One side), it can detect various potential anomalies in the network link. The optical signal in the optical fiber will reduce the optical power due to absorption, scattering and other reasons during the transmission process. This optical fiber loss has an important impact on the communication distance. The optical fiber looper is mainly used for optical fiber testing and network repair for the above situations.

Because optical fiber connectors are divided into LC, SC, FC, ST, MU, MT, MPO/MTP, etc., there are also corresponding types of optical fiber loopers .

  1. MTP/MPO fiber optic looper


The MTP/MPO loopback (Loopback) contains the MPO loopback jumper, which passes both ends of the optical fiber into an MTP/MPO connector, so that the optical path is in the same connector, without changing the signal or repeating the signal back to it. itself. It can provide an effective solution to test the transmission capability and reception sensitivity of network equipment, especially in 40/ 100G network communication, it can locate various potential phenomena through the backhaul signal, so as to achieve a single component or interface on a paired optical fiber network And effective testing and evaluation of the network.



Single-mode and multi-mode optional, end face PC or APC8° optional

Low loss, normal loss optional

The color of the outer frame is optional (purple, water blue, beige, yellow, green)

Whether to install the guide pin is optional

Fiber type optional

pigtail is protected by a black box, and the entire looper has no fiber optic cables exposed

Comply with Telcordia GR-1435-CORE and RoHS requirements


fiber optic communication network

Optical system debugging

system cabling

System Loop Test

Optical cable loop detection


High Density Data Center




Accommodates 8-, 12-, and 24-fiber MTP/MPO connectors and several fiber configurations to suit the port under test. The streamlined and sturdy shell design provides better stability and reliability.

  1. LC, SC, FC and other optical fiber loopers

According to different connectors, circuit breakers also include LC, SC, FC and other types. There are single and multi-mode options, end-face PC or APC. With 40G /100G optical module, it is used for fiber test, network repair and equipment failure diagnosis. It is an ideal choice for testing transmit optical power and receive sensitivity.