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Interpretation of home power supply for smart living

In 2022, smart living household products have entered a new era in an all-round way. People’s attention to life has gradually shifted from focusing on the house itself to “experience consumption” that can improve the quality of life : smart speakers, with Type-C/USB-PD Portable wall sockets, smart appliances, connected light switches, and more are now ubiquitous in homes. The “14th Five-Year” Digital Economy Development Plan proposes to guide the interconnection of smart home products, promote the intelligent interaction between home products and the home environment, enrich the digital home life applications of “one-key control” and “one response”, and promote the creation of smart sharing new digital life.

In terms of home automation, in order to realize electrical automation, the power supply problem of smart wall switches must be solved first. Usually, there is only live wire connection in the wall switch of the old house (that is, the switch only has two wires connected / no neutral wire), the leakage current of most devices will flow through the load, and some products will use the ground wire to supply power. To solve these problems, LNK33x2- 33x7D implements auxiliary power supply that supports flyback, buck and buck-boost topologies, power supply leakage current in standby state <100µA, no-load power consumption <20mW, VAC zero-crossing signal (ZCS) (LNK330x) and X Capacitor discharge function and zero-crossing detection (ZCS) (LNK331x) function integrated inside the IC can also reduce standby loss, and can be applied to two-wire dimmers, switches, occupancy sensors, devices with relay/triac turn-on control, AC powered detectors and household appliances.

Wi-Fi power supply with 5V/500mA output, non-isolated power supply that can use off-the-shelf inductors, has a 5V/500mA output for powering relays and wireless connection circuits, wide voltage input from 90 – 300VAC, 3.18cm x 3.18cm x 1.52 cm compact solution, zero-crossing signal output, optimized audible noise performance <10dB, no-load input power <50mW, can be used in Wi-Fi control smart plugs, three-wire smart wall switches and dimmers, home automation products on the Wi-Fi power supply.

When it comes to adapter-less charging, wall sockets with charging ports make power conversions face issues such as limited space, no air circulation, and internal environments with temperatures as high as 70°C, and sockets with 30W output power USB-C ports have become standard, There are already new challenges such as the emergence of outlets with 60W output capability.

In the future, smart living and smart homes will be popularized in every household. Shanghai Huijue will also conduct more in-depth research and exploration on the power supply design of smart homes in the future.