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Intelligent integrated wiring management software realizes visual management of computer room wiring

The wide use and rapid popularization of computer information technology in various fields has become an indispensable basic tool and work platform for all walks of life, bringing a revolution to the traditional management mechanism and operation mode. In this article, the management of the integrated wiring system of the enterprise information computer room/data center computer room will be discussed. While the integrated wiring management software realizes the visual management of wiring, has it brought a revolution to the operation and maintenance of integrated wiring?


After visiting a large number of industry customers to understand: integrators (integrated cabling implementation units), design institutes (integrated cabling design institutes), IDC, banks, securities, insurance, universities, governments and other industry customers understand the current situation of integrated cabling management. There are roughly two management methods:

  1. There is basically no standardized management of integrated wiring data information and resource summary management information;
  2. Manual static text or graphic recording (such as Visio), manual spreadsheet entry for management (such as Excel).

Technical directors, informatization architects, CIOs and other professionals of the three major operators, foreign operators (such as NTT), finance (banks/securities…) and other industry units, in various informatization forums and summits, many times Discuss how to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance management of the computer room, and focus on: Where should the “general wiring management work” go? How to manage the resources and asset information of lines, patch panels, and link routing related accessories, improve the efficiency of physical layer troubleshooting, and improve user SLA quality?

Now, let’s share the solution of intelligent integrated wiring management.

Use the integrated wiring management software to pass the concept of “online planning, offline implementation”. Visual display is realized with graphics and images, combined with assets, resources, and a process-based management method. Solve the short board of the work that the integrated wiring information data is entered through manual text or graphic records and manual spreadsheets, and the information data cannot be automatically updated synchronously.

Taking the intelligent integrated wiring management software product of Navid as an example, by sorting and summarizing the drawings of the integrated wiring room, link connection information, patch panel port information, equipment and server connections and other information are imported into the integrated wiring management software platform in batches to realize wiring. Visual management. The virtual-reality fully matched state presents 2D graphics and images of information about the computer room, cabinet, column head cabinet, U-position, link routing, patch panel port, equipment, server assets, and resources. (ie: “wiring visualization management” in the computer room).