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Indoor. Wall-mounted integrated distribution box (ONU multimedia information box)

Integrated distribution box, also known as multimedia box, integrated distribution box for broadband data communication, ONU box, etc., is often used in FTTB+xDSL, FTTB+LAN networking forms under PON network structure. services such as voice and Internet access. The box is generally installed in indoor/outdoor environments such as residential corridors, commercial buildings, and weak current wells. It has the characteristics of rapidly improving the broadband of copper cable lines, flexible deployment, and low-cost operation.

Shanghai Huijue has been actively paying attention to the development and changes of the industry for many years, and is familiar with the actual use characteristics of various operators, which is an important reference for the design, manufacture, testing and acceptance of FTTB broadband access boxes in the industry. Our company has a complete range of broadband integrated distribution boxes, which are compatible with mainstream ONU broadband access equipment in the industry, such as: Huawei (5620 / 26 series, MA5610 / 5616 series), ZTE ZXDSL9806 series, Fiberhome AN5006 series, Bell and other small capacity broadband Integrated access equipment is an optional product for telecom operators to rapidly deploy xDSL, LAN and voice services, and has been widely used in telecom operators’ broadband speed-up, FTTB and other projects.

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