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In the equipment room, pay attention to the cabinet power socket

As today’s Internet and big data era development, many companies began to build their own room, used to store data, operating system, etc., room safe and efficient operation, can protect the safety of network and communication, therefore, computer room security must cause enough attention, as today’s Internet and big data era development, Many enterprises began to build their own computer room, used for data storage, operation system, computer room safety, efficient operation, can ensure the safety of the network and communication smooth, therefore, the computer room security must cause enough attention, but the computer room security risks do you understand?




(1) The key links of monitoring tests, such as site by site, cabinet, and moving ring monitoring, dust prevention and rodent prevention in the room, and normal outdoor room test of air conditioning operation are checked in place;




(2) Fire safety inspection. Check whether the equipment room is equipped with fire extinguishing equipment as required, and whether the replacement of the powder and gas of the fire extinguisher is valid.




(3) Power equipment inspection, battery inspection, focusing on the introduction of foreign electricity line, whether the switching device is standard, whether there is external influence hidden danger, aging hidden danger, whether the line switching device is up to the standard, whether the fuse meets the standard, etc.;




(4) Carry out targeted equipment remediation and optimization to improve the efficiency of asset utilization. At the same time, in view of the outstanding problems and weak links found in the safety inspection, formulate corrective measures, for the next step of various equipment renovation to do a good job of preliminary investigation, planning work outdoor room, to ensure the safety and smooth communication.




Common accidents in the equipment room include electrical accidents, fire accidents, explosion accidents, device damage accidents, and communication blocking accidents. An electrical accident in the equipment room is the most common hidden danger in the equipment room.




In the construction of the equipment room, the cabinet and the cabinet power socket are indispensable. What is the installation relationship between them?




(1) Let’s first understand what PDU is: PDU is the abbreviation of English powerdistributionunit, that is, cabinet powerdistributionunit. Through the use of industrial standard PDU products, the power security of network products can be greatly improved, which meets the requirements of power input of important equipment.




The outdoor room has the advantages of good safety and quality, large bearing power, many types of socket system, complete protection function, flexible control function, easy to use, convenient intelligent management and so on.




(2) What is a standard cabinet




U is a unit of external server size, an abbreviation for unit. The exact size is determined by the EIA, an industry body. The reason for sizing servers is to keep them the right size to fit on an iron or aluminum rack. The rack has a screw hole for fixing the server so that it can be numbered with the screw hole of the server, and then fixed with screws to facilitate the installation of each server.


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