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Huijue smart manhole cover system

In recent years, as the urbanization process is accelerating, the sustained rapid development of urban infrastructure construction, urban water supply and drainage, gas, heat, power, communication and other kinds of municipal public underground pipeline facilities increasing, all kinds of inspection Wells on the urban road corresponding increase accordingly, the management of urban road manhole covers is also increasingly important.

With the construction and development of urban covers, the number of urban manhole covers gradually increases, and its large number increases the difficulty of management. Due to the poor management of urban manhole covers, some manhole covers with unknown property rights are once damaged and cannot be repaired. Because of the loss of manhole covers, all kinds of injuries and car damage incidents occur frequently across the country, which seriously affects the personal safety of citizens and causes a bad social impact. How to improve and strengthen the management of urban manhole cover has become a difficult and hot problem that troubles the municipal facilities management departments throughout the country.



Huijue smart network integration solution: “Smart City —— intelligent manhole cover” project actually refers to the mode of “hardware + software + platform” integration. In this mode, the unified management of manhole cover can be realized, and the “trinity” effect of remote monitoring, intelligent control, anti-loss and theft prevention can be achieved.

By installing intelligent manhole cover monitoring terminal equipment in the manhole cover of the existing communication pipeline, ensure the safety of the cables of the owned pipeline and its internal customers, further prevent and crack down on illegal wear and theft, and prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents such as injury and destruction caused by the loss of the manhole cover. Strive to achieve the “24-hour monitoring” of business operation infrastructure, comprehensively improve the business service level and operation efficiency, and strive to build an efficient, professional, leading industry benchmark image, boost the realization of greater market economic benefits, and produce good social value.

Huijue smart manhole cover system follows the design principle of reliability and safety. The system outfield equipment works in the field, and the environment is harsh, with high temperature, high humidity, and even flooding, which is a great test of the system equipment. Therefore, the system must have high reliability of software and hardware configuration to meet the requirements of 24 hours uninterrupted work in the harsh outdoor environment.

The design features are:

(1) Convenient installation and maintenance, low system cost, do not produce a large later costs.

(2) Alarm timely, the alarm time is less than 30 seconds.

(3) The system battery backup time is long, and the design is more than 3 years.

(4) The system is simple to use, without the need for a long time on duty.

(5) The manhole cover system monitoring center can be far away from the manhole cover site, not subject to distance restrictions.



Intelligent manhole cover monitor screen and installation site

Smart manhole cover function is very wide, and has been a fixed point test, the test is successful. After it will be a large area of the use.

Intelligent well cover can give alarm in time, monitor the inclination and movement track of the well cover in real time, and report to the monitoring platform after abnormal opening; monitor the water level in the well at the water level, detect the water level (high and low), and monitor the temperature in the well in real time.


Huijue intelligent manhole cover integrated solution can realize the unified management of manhole cover, achieve the “trinity” effect of remote monitoring and control, and prevention of loss and theft, so as to solve the pain points brought by traditional management methods, effectively protect the city’s road safety and stable communication, and is an indispensable ground guard of the city.