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Huijue released a new PURE DRIVE™ chipset supporting 400G linear architecture

Huijue, the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, recently announced the launch of a new 400G chipset targeting single-mode and multi-mode optical interconnect applications, including linear drivers and transimpedance amplifiers ( TIA). Huijue named the new linear driver and TIA chipset as Huijue PURE DRIVE™. The goal of this chipset is to replace the digital signal processor (DSP) solution with an analog integrated circuit (IC) solution in an optical module in a linear interface architecture, and to provide linear signal recovery during optical-to-electrical conversion. For cloud service providers, deploying 400G PAM-4 connections inside the data center can lead to a significant increase in overall power consumption, partly because PAM-4 is often used to maintain signal integrity at each hop throughout the link. Digital Signal Processor (DSP). In most cases, this can result in the use of multiple digital signal processors (DSPs) in a single data link. Huijue’s new linear architecture can optimize the linear performance of the electro-optical interface, so that the application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) in the switch/server can also restore the signal when the redundant DSP in the link is removed.

– Optical interconnect power consumption is reduced by more than 50%

– Minimize link latency, which is critical for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications

– Eliminates costly, redundant signal restoration

– Solved the related heat dissipation problems caused by DSP

– Simplifies optical module deployment with greater flexibility

– Reduce the total chip area to meet the chip layout design in the limited space inside the optical module

– Expandable up to 1.6TB

Huijue PURE DRIVE™ chipset supports wide dynamic range, linear equalization, and low-noise amplification, enabling direct connection to switches and server ASICs. Working in tandem, these linear links can support leading data throughput, while the ASIC and the electro-optical interface perform their respective roles and advantages to minimize system power consumption, cost and latency.

Huijue PURE DRIVE™ chipset includes 4x100G multi-mode fiber VCSEL driver, 4x100G single-mode fiber EML/silicon optical driver (bare chip or packaged chip) and corresponding TIA products. For more information about this product, please contact: [email protected] or visit the company’s official website through the following link: http://www.hjnet-cabinet.com/

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