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Huijue Philippines 5G integrated base station outdoor cabinet

In recent years, with the rapid development of 4G / 5G in the Philippines, the communication network distribution is becoming more and more dense, and the demand for cabinets is increasing. The Philippines belongs to the monsoon tropical rainforest climate, with perennial high temperature, heavy rain, high humidity and many typhoons. In addition, the Philippine terrain is mainly mountainous, which account for more than 3 / 4 of the total area. The construction of outdoor cabinets is a challenge.

The supporting base station and the supporting outdoor cabinet can work directly under the influence of the hot and humid bad weather, which is very suitable for the hot and changeable weather in the Philippines.

Hui Jue integrated base station outdoor cabinet made of metal materials, is an integrated main equipment, system power supply, ac / dc distribution, monitoring equipment, cooling equipment, batteries, power generation equipment (wind / solar / oil generator) and lightning protection grounding, and can provide the base station of outdoor working environment and safety management of integrated cabinet, mainly used in outdoor, roof, street, mountains, and along the railway and high, low temperature environment and other outdoor scenarios. It can meet the needs of customers in energy conservation and emission reduction, rapid deployment, and multi-scenario adaptation, and can be used in communication, radio and television, electric power, transportation, IT and other industrial applications.


Through the reasonable structural design, the cabinet can achieve the dustproof and waterproof effect. Cabinet (except the day feeder installation bracket) is not directly removed from the outside, affecting the safety and use of components. When there is capacity expansion demand, it can be realized through cabinet connection.

The baffle is installed around the bottom base of the outdoor cabinet to prevent animal infringement. The height of the base is adjusted according to the actual situation of the site survey. In the flood-prone areas, the base height is adjusted to prevent the flood destruction and damage.

Huijue integrated base station outdoor cabinet, working in a variety of climate environments, to create a stable communication network, not afraid of terrain challenges, can perfectly protect the modern information and communication.