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Huijue integrated power supply —— 5G, scenario application

According to the technical characteristics and development trend of 5G in the current era, the most significant feature of the 5G era is the wide demand for spectrum resources, which leads to the frequency above 3GHz, the smaller cell radius, the smaller base station distance, and the number of 5G base stations will be much larger than 4G; and the equipment and power tend to be smaller.

Huijue integrated power supply is suitable for 5G scenarios in many aspects.

First, the modular design of integrated power supply has obvious advantages in volume. The small volume has the advantages of providing customers with the “0” land space and “0” rent, reducing the cost of 5G transformation and the construction difficulty.

Secondly, a variety of installation methods can be selected to meet the power equipment installation requirements in different scenarios.

Indoor installation adopts assembled power supply scheme, sharing with main equipment to meet the power demand of 5G equipment (including BBU and AAU); for outdoor AAU remote station installation, rotating direct module and battery can be embedded together as needed and installed on the same holding pole with AAU to realize zero occupation and rapid deployment, solving the problems of difficult property coordination, field entry and high rent in the traditional scheme (outdoor cabinet, embedded power supply and battery).

Appearance picture of Huijue integrated power supply

 Schematic diagram of the installation of Huijue integrated power supply

Finally, according to the requirements of 5G base station load and power backup time, the multi-power supply module and the multi-battery module can be quickly connected. The power supply can be adjusted in real-time through CAN communication to keep the current balance error within 5%, which greatly extends the service life of the power supply products.


In addition, intelligent basic functions + matching functions to provide customers with customized services.

Basic intelligent functions of Huijue integrated power supply system:

  • Under the condition of network monitoring, the background configuration of power supply operation parameters can be realized;
  • Site operation and maintenance personnel can connect the device with WiFi through the mobile APP to understand the operation and modification parameters of the device.

Intelligent matching function of Huijue integrated power supply system:

  • Input and output electric quantity metering function;
  • Oil machine power generation and credit identification function;
  • DC output split controlled off function.


Huijue integrated power supply is used in intelligent traffic (traffic light, illegal camera, bayonet monitoring, etc.), banks, schools, hospitals, etc., in the “one body and two wings” energy business of China Tower. In the era of 5G intelligence, Huijue has a promising future.