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Huijue data center busway product introduction

Huijue data center busway can provide straight section busway with a maximum length of 3m, and its bending strength can meet the requirements of the national standard GB 7251.2-97. Copper conductors are used in the busway, and there are three types of busway with rated carrying capacity of 150A, 250A and 400A, and the overall grounding technology adopted by the busway can also be used as a separate ground wire according to customer requirements. The shell is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy profile, which is an integrated design, and the tank itself has its own lifting and fixing points, which is not only convenient for installation, but also reduces the number of installation brackets. Moreover, the aluminum-magnesium alloy also reduces the weight of the tank body and reduces transportation costs. The
busway of Huijue data center has strong anti-corrosion performance. The aluminum profile shell is much better than galvanized anti-corrosion performance and steel shell after anodized 10u . Leakage experiments show that the corrosion depth of the former is about one-twentieth of the latter. The busway of Huijue Data Center uses a reliable insulation method. The conductive copper bars are fixed in the insulation groove, and there is a large air gap between the phases . Double insulation ensures that the insulation of the busway is foolproof. It is suitable for any complex computer room. surroundings. The bus duct of
Huijue data center adopts the integral grounding technology. The traditional protective ground PE wire is placed on the side of the bus duct. Due to electromagnetic induction, the net fault current induced on the protective ground wire is 50% higher than the theoretical calculation. At the same time, the distance between the three-phase conductive bars and PE is not equal, and the inductance is also not equal. When the line is long, the three phases are seriously unbalanced under the fault current. A non-magnetic aluminum alloy shell with good conductivity is used as the protective ground wire, including around the conductor arrangement. Since it is as close as possible to the three-phase busbar, the reactance can be minimized, and the distance between the protective ground wire and the three-phase busbar is equal. , the same reactance. In this way, whether it is a short-term or continuous phase-to-ground short-circuit fault, this grounding method is better than setting the PE row alone. Therefore, the International Electrotechnical Commission announced and advocated the use of the shell as a grounding conductor for the electric busbar (busway). The bus
duct of Huijue data center is convenient and flexible to install. Since the bus duct adopts an integrated design, it is convenient to overlap, and each phase is fixed in the corresponding insulating slot, so the phase sequence is very easy to identify, and the bus duct body is designed with hoisting fixed points. So the installation is very convenient and labor-saving. Provide busway, turning head and T-shaped head, which can adapt to the complex installation of the machine room space.