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Huijue communication uses outdoor power supply to enter the overseas market

Huijue communication with outdoor power supply to enter the overseas market! The dc power supply delivered by this order is mainly the 3000W low power blade power supply made of self-cooling aluminum shell, and the order delivery quantity has reached 2000 sets, which is a breakthrough for Huijue.

Product features:

  • Protection level is above IP55
  • The battery power supply efficiency is more than 95%
  • Provide nominal requirement of 20KA.
  • With remote communication and telemetry function
  • With the self-heat dissipation function
  • The overall shape thickness is less than 100mm

product picture ▲

The power supply products can provide 220V ac voltage into various circuits of ac power level, can use conductive to convert ac into pulse DC circuit, can use capacitor or inductive resistance components, the pulse DC into flat DC, can use the adjustment of the circuit to make the output voltage stability.


 Product Logic Figure:

The product is suitable for all kinds of communication outdoor base stations, as well as small space and poor heat dissipation environment.

Because the power supply product, excellent quality, so once passed the customer’s acceptance, and soon recovered the balance payment. The success of this project marks that Huijue power supply has officially opened the overseas market, and also proves that quality is the life of the enterprise. Huijue people have always been adhering to the concept of quality first and customer above, and moving forward steadily.