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Huijue and Haitian second cooperation, PLC control cabinet formal contract

On August 20,2020, Huijue and Haitian reached a PLC cabinet supply agreement, which is the second cooperation between the two companies.

I still remember the transaction before the battery cabinet project is still vivid, it is because of the delivery, quality, after-sales of all aspects of the service let customers feel satisfied and rest assured, so it was changed back to the customer to look back again.

The PLC integrated control cabinet has overload, short circuit, phase absence protection and other protection functions. It has the characteristics of compact structure, stable work and complete function. It can be combined according to the actual scale, which can not only realize the automatic control of single cabinet, or realize the multi-cabinet composition distribution (DCS) control system through industrial Ethernet or industrial fieldbus network. PLC control cabinet can adapt to various sizes of industrial automation control occasions. Widused in water treatment, constant pressure water supply system and air compressor, fan pump, central air conditioning, port machinery, machine tools, boilers, paper machinery, food machinery and other equipment.


PLC control cabinet can complete the equipment automation and process automation control, can achieve the perfect network function, with stable performance, scalable, strong anti-interference and other characteristics, is the core and soul of modern industry. In order to meet the needs of users, the PLC control cabinet, frequency conversion cabinet can be designed according to the needs of users, and can be matched with the man-machine interface touch screen, to achieve the purpose of easy operation. The equipment can realize data transmission with DCS computer modbus and profibus on the upper bit bus; control and monitoring of industrial control computer and Ethernet.

The contracted shell of the PLC cabinet adopts the metal frame removable structure, including the communication module, the input and output module, and the frequency conversion module, with a total capacity of 30KW. Mainly used in the Haitian production line.

Cabinet characteristics: small volume, large power, input and output module of high scalability, product performance in the industry leading level.

With the popularization of intelligent control, intelligent production and intelligent building buildings, PLC has become an indispensable part of intelligent industrialization. It is more anti-jamming, more flexible, scalable and programmable, and cheaper. You can also make changes and adjustments at any time according to customer requirements.

The successful signing of this project marks the successful entry of the second product of Huijue in Haitian, which indicates that the cooperation projects involved in Huijue and Haitian will be more extensive in the future.

Huijue will follow the technological trend of the new era to create a better future.