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Huawei Appears at the Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition, F5G Empowers Smart City Construction

On July 22, the Fifth Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition was grandly opened at the Fuzhou Strait Convention and Exhibition Center. Huawei participated in the conference with the theme of “All things are rooted to create an era of innovation”, and joined hands with partners to share the latest practices and achievements in the process of urban intelligent body construction, exchange experience in digital transformation of industries, and discuss the development of digital economy.

In the “Connecting the Future” exhibition area, Huawei used the F5G (fifth-generation fixed network) urban all-optical network sand table to simulate and demonstrate the optical communication of urban functional units represented by street offices, government committees, bureaus, education bureaus, and health and family planning commissions. The network connection of the traditional solution and the all-optical solution and the characteristics of one-hop service data into the cloud are systematically demonstrated.


Guests visiting the exhibition area

F5G urban all-optical network, constructing the all-optical artery of urban intelligent body

As the infrastructure of the future digital economy era, the F5G urban all-optical network is playing the vanguard role in promoting the construction of industrial infrastructure, providing smart cities with high-security, low-latency, and simple architecture quality connections, benefiting government affairs, medical care, education, Transportation, urban management and many other fields.

Comparing the F5G urban all-optical network solution with the traditional urban network solution, the traditional solution requires each functional unit to build or lease a private network, resulting in a decentralized and fragmented network that cannot be managed in a unified and efficient manner; construction standards, selected manufacturers and equipment in different periods Different protocols, especially proprietary protocols, make it difficult to integrate these systems and devices, which hinders data sharing.

F5G urban all-optical network sand table

The F5G urban all-optical network solution uses an all-optical network to uniformly carry the business of various functional units. Through overall planning and intensive construction, it can not only realize the integration of private networks, but also improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. The fifth-generation hard pipe technology OSU adopts time slot isolation technology to divide services into different physical channels for carrying, realizing physical isolation, so that each private network does not interfere with each other.

During the sand table display process, the feature of business data jumping into the cloud has also been fully reflected. One hop into the cloud uses wavelength pass-through technology to allow optical wavelengths to travel directly from aggregation nodes and backbone nodes to core nodes. Nodes not on the physical path perform photoelectric conversion, avoiding layer-by-layer forwarding, achieving deterministic extremely low latency, and realizing 1 millisecond business Go to the cloud to ensure service quality.

OXC: The only large-scale commercial all-optical switching in the industry

In the exhibition area, in addition to the F5G urban sand table, Huawei’s OXC (Optical Cross-connect) equipment also attracted many guests to watch and consult.


Huawei all-optical switching OXC equipment demonstration

Huawei OXC equipment uses the innovative “all-optical backplane technology” to manufacture more than 1,000 optical fibers on an optical backplane that is only “A4 paper” in size through a 3D dot matrix algorithm. Under the same transmission capacity, the device volume is geometrically graded. In addition, the use of leading LCoS all-optical switching engine and 5-in-1 highly integrated optical line single board helps save 90% of the equipment room space and reduces power consumption by 60%.

Huawei’s OXC solution breaks through the bottleneck of optical transmission technology and takes the lead in realizing the commercialization of centralized all-optical switching technology, achieving large capacity, high integration, high reliability, green and efficient operation and maintenance. It is the industry’s first commercially capable Optical cross products. As of the beginning of 2022, Huawei OXC products have been operating stably in 100+ commercial networks around the world, providing high-quality network services for hundreds of millions of users.

Huawei will continue to innovate in the optical field, and join hands with partners to penetrate into urban segmentation scenarios and facilitate the digital transformation of smart cities.