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How to use the network cabinet in the data center to choose the right

Today, although network closets (network closets) used in different enterprise data centers come in various shapes and sizes, they are essentially an integral part of the data center and are an important part of the processing environment for all mission-critical operations. Therefore, data center management and operation personnel must implement efficient organization, protection and management of it. Enterprise IT professionals are responsible for keeping technology infrastructure running, even with limited IT resources and increasing complexity. By choosing the right server rack and power infrastructure, and working with the corresponding management hardware and software, organizations can keep their business running.


The components that make up a typical network cabinet for a data center are usually the same whether in a small or medium-sized business or a large enterprise. Essentially, a network cabinet includes four main elements: network switches, servers, storage devices, and associated virtualization and management software. The fifth element is the integrated server rack and power distribution elements.


What differentiates one network closet from another is its fundamental purpose. For smaller organizations, a network closet can act as a central computing hub, containing all the networking, storage, and computing power needed to run the business.


And for larger enterprise organizations, their network closets typically operate alongside other equipment—that is, providing connectivity to a centralized computing hub in the form of a server room or data center. In practice, larger enterprise organizations often rely on network closets to provide gateways to central service data center server rooms, which then route information to data centers for storage.


Many people regard cabinets as cabinets for IT equipment. A cabinet is a cabinet, but it’s not just that. For the computer itself, the cabinet also plays an important auxiliary role with the UPS power supply. A good cabinet means to ensure that the computer can run in a good environment. Therefore, the role played by the cabinet is equally important. The cabinet systematically solves the problems of high-density heat dissipation, a large number of cable attachment and management, large-capacity power distribution and full compatibility with rack-mounted equipment from different manufacturers in computer applications, so that the data center can operate in a highly stable environment .


At present, cabinets have become an indispensable product in the computer industry. Various styles of cabinets can be seen in major computer rooms. With the continuous breakthroughs in the computer industry and data center industry, the functions embodied by the cabinets are also increasing. Cabinets are generally used in network wiring rooms, floor wiring rooms, central computer rooms, data computer rooms, control centers, monitoring rooms, monitoring centers, etc.


The cabinet is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate or alloy to store computers and related control equipment. It can provide protection for storage equipment, shield electromagnetic interference, and arrange equipment orderly and neatly to facilitate future maintenance of equipment. Cabinets are generally divided into server cabinets, network cabinets, console cabinets, etc.


Common cabinet colors are white, black and gray. (Among them, there are many types, such as orange pattern, fine sand pattern, etc.); the cabinets are divided according to the material, there are aluminum profile cabinets, cold-rolled steel plate cabinets, and hot-rolled steel plate cabinets; according to the processing technology, there are 10% off profiles Cabinets and 16-fold cabinets, etc.

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