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How to Realize Precise Data Center Delivery and Reduce Edge Operations

Customized data center core. We believe it should be customer-centric. In this understanding process, we must first clarify what a customized data center is. After decades of development in China’s IDC industry, various types of large enterprises have data centers with various standards. In our understanding, it is not that the higher the construction standard, the better, but the standard that is most suitable for the business operation and development model is the most appropriate. Therefore, under this background, we believe that the customized standards proposed for the operation mode of large enterprises are often the most suitable and most suitable for the development of enterprises.


Why does Dataport take the customized data center as the main development direction? Because compared with traditional large-scale data centers, it can have a great overall improvement in terms of construction speed and enterprise business adaptability, as well as overall cost control compared with traditional data centers. Therefore, we believe that data centers will become more and more mainstream as customized data centers for large Internet companies. Represented by large companies such as Ali, Tencent, and Huawei, they have also formulated corporate standards that are in line with their own business development.


A customized data center is first viewed from its full lifecycle business model. Generally speaking, a customized data center will cover the entire process of planning and design, centralized procurement construction, system integration, operation and maintenance management, and value-added services. From the perspective of the overall life cycle of the data center in the future, there will be orders first, followed by standardized customization and targeted operations. This model will better ensure that the enterprise achieves the shortest delivery cycle and the most significant benefits. This is also a comprehensive background for us to provide customized services.


It is also our main idea to start with the end in mind. All data centers used to be divided into several isolated time periods, such as planning and design in the early stage, engineering implementation of the data center, and third-party certification by the owner, delivery and operation. From a split point of view, each stage will have a vision of each stage, and the angle of viewing the problem will be different. Only data center construction based on operation and maintenance is in line with the development of the entire data center


Marginalized data centers will gradually become the mainstream of data centers, and how to achieve the purpose of reducing operating costs in the management of many marginalized data centers will become an important standard


  1. Preventive maintenance


When we manage and operate the data center, we should try not to maintain the equipment of the data center as much as possible. Maintenance management software should be used to track service status and keep all assets updated and parts stocked. Use preventive maintenance to replace high maintenance costs after problems occur to achieve the purpose of cost reduction.


  1. Centralized equipment monitoring


When we manage the edge data center, we can use the data center to track multiple data centers in the form of centralized equipment monitoring, monitor and report business key indicators and alarm conditions, and can also easily drill down from the top-level network view of the data center to specific data center to go.


  1. Build an information model


When we design the data center, all the facilities should be registered and marked as part of the data center 3DBIM. Realize precise remote operation of data center work upgrade and maintenance.


  1. Remote support


In some cases, we cannot send maintenance personnel to the computer room. In order to handle remote faults, it is necessary to access field devices from the network operation center. Currently, many data center devices support remote login. In this regard, certain labor costs can be saved. But what needs attention is that data security must be guaranteed, and it needs to be carried out in a safe environment.

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