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How to improve the availability of the machine room

The power environment is a powerful guarantee for the normal operation of the data center room. When the equipment in the power environment of the room fails to be found and dealt with in time, the operation of the computer in the data center room will be affected.




In order to carry out more efficient operation, maintenance and management of important equipment in the computer room, Pan-Geo-Technology has deployed a set of iot monitoring system for the data center computer room. Remote monitoring can be realized on the basis of on-site monitoring, and centralized monitoring under different environments can be realized synchronously on the APP terminal of mobile phone and the WEB terminal of computer.




The system consists of four parts: power, environment, security and fire protection. Realize 24×365 monitoring and management throughout the day. Ensure the environment of the machine room and the safe operation of the equipment to achieve the highest availability of the machine room, but also improve the management level of the outdoor machine room camp.




Real-time to the central computer room or each remote monitoring station in each monitoring equipment to collect a variety of data instruction, instruction and transmission mode of different devices are different, the taken data analysis and calculation and effective storage.




The pan-geo-iot monitoring system has SMS, voice alarm, sound and light alarm, WEB popover, email and other methods to choose. Users can choose an appropriate alarm method according to their own situation.




The room is composed of a variety of equipment “important place”, and electrical fire accidents are also common, electrical sparks, electric arc, electrical devices over heating, dangerous temperature will cause fire and explosion in the room




Generally, the temperature of electric spark is very high, especially the arc, the temperature can be as high as 6000℃. Because of this outdoor machine room, they can not only cause combustible combustion, but also make metal melting, splashing, posing a dangerous source of fire. Electric spark can be divided into two categories: working spark and accident spark. Electrical equipment is always hot when running. When the current passes through the conductor, it will consume a certain amount of electric energy, and its size is.




This part of electric energy makes the conductor hot and the temperature rises. The larger the resistance R in the current path and the longer the time t, the more heat the conductor emits. Once the dangerous temperature is reached, fire may be caused under certain conditions.




The following conditions lead to excessive heating of electrical equipment:




A short circuit




Short circuit is the most serious fault state of electrical equipment, the fire in the power network is mostly caused by short circuit, short circuit, the current in the line increases to several times of normal or even dozens of outdoor room times, so that the temperature rises sharply, if it reaches the ignition temperature of the surrounding combustible material, it can cause fire.








An overload is an electrical device or wire that exceeds its rated current. An increase in current after overload can, over time, cause the electrical equipment to overheat.




Poor contact and heat dissipation




Poor contact mainly occurs in the conductor connection, such as fixed joint connection is not strong, poor welding, or joint surface dirt will increase the insulation resistance and lead to overheating of the joint. The detachable electrical joint due to vibration or due to the action of heat, make the connection loose, will also cause the joint overheating. All kinds of electrical equipment are designed and installed with certain ventilation and heat dissipation devices. If these facilities fail, it will also lead to overheating of lines and equipment.


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