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How to find the right outdoor cabinet

There are many kinds of cabinets on the market now, and all kinds of opportunities look similar, giving people a feeling that the quality is similar. In fact, various opportunities are divided into good or good. Bad, some high-quality cabinets have better performance and longer service life than ordinary cabinets, especially if some outdoor cabinets are of high quality, they can better guarantee their working efficiency. So how should we be able to choose some suitable cabinets? Now I will simply tell you something.

Generally speaking, when we choose a suitable outdoor cabinet, the first thing we consider is the workmanship and material. The workmanship of a cabinet can reflect some differences between the cabinet and ordinary cabinets.

A better chance is that their workmanship is more delicate, which can be seen from the entire edge of the cabinet, which has been very finely processed, and the edge of the cabinet will become more rounded. Especially for some outdoors, they need to pay more attention to these aspects to avoid unnecessary damage.

Also, we can take a look at the material of the steel plate used in the entire cabinet, whether it meets some standard requirements of relevant regulations. At the same time, many people think that the thicker the plate thickness of the cabinet, the better. In fact, the entire plate is not The thicker the better, and the thicker the plate only means the more materials it uses, the higher the cost, and it is not easy to carry. Often, the cabinet can make a better choice between the thickness and toughness of the steel plate, so that able to reach a balance.

If you want to find a suitable outdoor cabinet, you also need to observe from the painting process. These cabinets must be sprayed on the surface before the production is completed. For high-quality cabinets, they often have relatively uniform nozzles.

The nozzles can make the entire cabinet more beautiful, and at the same time prevent rust, and make their service life longer. And for those of us who are outdoors, we should pay more attention to their waterproof and dustproof functions, and we can also look at its expansion ability. Generally speaking, the interior of ordinary cabinets is basically stereotyped.

And high-quality interiors often have better expansion capabilities, which also makes them more flexible in application. Through expansion, more equipment can be placed and space costs can be saved.

Precautions when installing outdoor rainproof cabinets. Outdoor rainproof cabinets are placed outdoors and face severe weather all year round. During installation, special attention should be paid to safety, rainproof and dustproof, heat dissipation and ventilation.

  1. Safety issues should be considered when installing outdoor cabinets. The housing must have the function of lightning protection and grounding, and the electrical equipment in the cabinet must be connected to a lightning arrester to avoid damage to the cabinet and electrical appliances caused by lightning.
  2. Anti-theft issues should be considered when installing outdoor cabinets. The cabinet is left unattended in the wild, and the electrical equipment is expensive, and if it is stolen, it will cause serious consequences of outage. Therefore, when installing the cabinet, hidden hinges and expansion screws should be used, and the door lock should be a three-point padlock.
  3. When installing outdoor cabinets, dustproof and rainproof should be considered. During installation, silicone seals should be installed at the hinges, door locks, and top cover rings to prevent water from entering through the gaps.
  4. Heat dissipation should be considered when installing outdoor cabinets. Effective cooling of the cabinet can not only improve the efficiency of equipment use, but also improve the service life of equipment.