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How to do outdoor cabinet ventilation need humidification

Outdoor integrated cabinet is widely used and has a great market prospect. At present, most of the outdoor integrated cabinet is used by communication enterprises. However, with the rise of wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation, the equipment box used in the electric energy industry is gradually trying to use outdoor integrated cabinet.




On the other hand, with the comprehensive application of 5G technology, people’s demand for mobile communication network is increasing day by day, and it also requires operators to have increasingly in-depth requirements for network development and coverage. More and more outdoor stations are gradually expanded from the simple marginal network to the urban area and road coverage, which effectively solves the blind area coverage and relives the regional communication pressure. At the same time, the broadband speed of the wired network has directly brought the sinking of the access network (module office), and also set off a large number of construction needs of outdoor stations.




There is also the support policy of the country’s outdoor room home for new energy vehicles in recent years, and the policy clearly states that it is necessary to comprehensively build the electric vehicle charging shop, which puts forward a new requirement for the outdoor cabinet. The market is so huge, so how to count as a qualified and high-quality outdoor integrated cabinet?




An outdoor integrated cabinet is a cabinet that is directly placed in a natural environment and is generally made of metal or non-metallic materials. It has good performance, such as good ventilation and heat dissipation, dust proof, water proof, electromagnetic shielding, sealing protection, and device ambient temperature control. Non-operators are not allowed to enter the cabinet. Due to resist all kinds of natural disasters, guarantee the normal work of the equipment, outdoor cabinet on the craft that make more fastidious, because of the casing are electrical components such as easy to burn out parts, so to ensure the good ventilation and heat dissipation effect, both outdoor room and can’t keep the cabinet external water vapor into the enclosure, it is protection of cabinet put oneself in another’s ventilation system put forward higher requirements.




At present, air conditioning cooling and natural ventilation cooling are generally used for the ventilation and heat dissipation of outdoor cabinets. The former has high cost, high energy consumption and is easy to damage. Therefore, natural ventilation is a better choice, but the general natural ventilation effect is poor, and the protection effect of good ventilation effect can not meet the protection requirements. This is a headache for enterprises doing outdoor integrated cabinets.




Room is a place where a lot of computers are stored, if the humidity of the room is too high, it will make the machine damp, but if the humidity of the room is too low, the air is relatively dry, the room is easy to produce dust, but also there will be static electricity, disk will appear read and write errors, Therefore, the outdoor room needs to store the mist King high pressure micro mist humidifier in the room to control the humidity inside the room.




The Fog King high pressure microfog humidification system can keep the ambient relative humidity at 45% of RH. 55% is in the right range. Because accurate humidity control in data centers, server rooms and other facilities will be sensitive to electronic equipment is essential for effective operation.




When the relative humidity is too low room environment, it is easy to appear high electrostatic voltage. Host and peripheral equipment, servers, switches, computers and other equipment and installed in the engine room power of the optical safety device, such as UPS, all will be heating, convection, heat to the indoor radiation mode, indoor temperature heat not only caused by the protrude was sensible heat. Here, the Fog King High Pressure Microfog humidifier can help you solve this problem.


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