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How to classify cabinets for lightning protection and grounding in the equipment room

The essence of lightning phenomenon is atmospheric discharge phenomenon. If you want to produce lightning, the necessary condition is that there is accumulation and formation of polarity in the thunderstorm cloud. When the field strength reaches a certain intensity, it will discharge to the ground, which is the lightning phenomenon. In the generation of lightning, accompanied by a strong inductive electromagnetic field and induced overvoltage in the metal conductor, which threaten the normal work of electronic equipment in the computer room. So in order to ensure the safety of the computer room, how to do its lightning protection grounding?




Generally, there are three ways for lightning to enter the equipment room:




The first is direct lightning strike metal wire directly, let the high voltage lightning along both sides of the wire to introduce the room;




The second is the high-voltage outdoor room pulse from inductive lightning, namely thundercloud to earth discharge;




The third is the electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction formed by rapid discharge between thunderclouds. This reaction will be transmitted to the room in the form of waves along the zero line of the power system, the protective grounding line and various forms of grounding line.




With the progress of The Times, the equipment with strong function and high value began to be widely used, which requires more reliable protection in the room; On the other hand, the spread of microelectronics technology makes modern equipment require lower ground resistance, and also the need for anti-interference.




Therefore, it is urgent to effectively and reasonably protect the lightning and take lightning protection and grounding measures in the equipment room. It can be considered that all instruments and equipment connected with the power grid should be grounded in the outdoor room; Where the power needs to be delivered, lightning protection and grounding works need to be implemented.




Lightning protection grounding is divided into two concepts. One is lightning protection to prevent damage caused by lightning. The second is grounding, to ensure the normal work of electrical equipment. Grounding device is the general name of grounding body and grounding wire, its function is to direct lightning current into the ground. Communication lines and communication machinery are grounded for lightning protection, strong current protection, electromagnetic induction protection, electric corrosion protection, communication interference protection, as well as for the normal operation of communication and personal safety protection.




With the development of computer and network technology, the cabinet is becoming an important part of it. The IT facilities of data center, such as server and network communication equipment, are developing toward miniaturized outdoor room, network and rack. And the cabinet, is gradually becoming one of the leading roles in this change.




Common cabinets can be classified into the following types:




According to the function: fire and antimagnetic cabinet, power cabinet, monitoring cabinet, shielding cabinet, safety cabinet, waterproof cabinet, safe cabinet, multimedia console, file cabinet, wall cabinet.




According to the scope of application: outdoor cabinet, indoor cabinet, communication cabinet, industrial safety cabinet, low-voltage distribution cabinet, power cabinet, server cabinet.




Extended categories: console, computer chassis cabinet, stainless steel chassis, monitoring console, tool cabinet, standard cabinet, network cabinet.




Server cabinet In an IDC room, the cabinet refers to the server cabinet.


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