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How to build a 5G fully connected factory?

5 g connection factory is making full use of all represented by 5 g of a new generation of information and communication technology, Internet infrastructure integration to build a new industry, new or modified grade production line, workshop, factory production site, such as widespread production units, IT/OT depth fusion, can make full use of the data elements and innovative applications efficient fu advanced factory.


5G fully connected factories mainly include four aspects: infrastructure construction, site upgrade, application of key links, and network security protection.


Infrastructure construction. We will focus on 5G network construction, support enterprises in deploying 5G networks in virtual private networks and hybrid private networks, and explore 5G independent private networks. We will promote connectivity of industrial networks, encourage enterprises to make comprehensive use of new network technologies, and achieve connectivity in different areas and types of networks. To deploy edge computing, deploy edge computing nodes on demand, and promote the converged deployment of 5G networks and edge computing. Develop business system construction, encourage enterprises to build or rent network service and management system. Build data storage nodes and industrial Internet identifiers on demand, parse enterprise nodes, build industrial Internet platforms or subscribe to related services.


Plant site upgrade. Focus on accelerating the network transformation of field equipment, using chips, modules and sensors with 5G functions on demand, and accelerating the integration of 5G and industrial control systems. Promote the converged deployment of IT/ OT applications, explore the cloud deployment of the system, develop mobile applications, and form a converged solution of centralized management and control and on-site on-demand applications. To achieve intelligent upgrading of production services, strengthen in-depth data analysis, optimize equipment health management, process parameter tuning, energy consumption and emission management, product after-sales service, etc.


Application in key links. In the R&D and design link, we will accelerate the application of scenarios such as production unit simulation, collaborative R&D and design, and crowdsourcing design. In the process of production and operation, we will accelerate the application of flexible production and manufacturing, remote equipment control, equipment cooperative operation, precise dynamic operation, on-site auxiliary assembly and other scenarios. In the detection and monitoring link, accelerate online detection and monitoring, machine vision quality inspection, near-infrared imaging analysis, process compliance verification, equipment fault diagnosis, equipment predictive maintenance, unmanned intelligent inspection, production site monitoring and other scene applications. In the warehousing and logistics link, accelerate the application of scenarios such as factory intelligent logistics, intelligent tally, and whole-domain logistics monitoring. In the process of operation management, we will accelerate the application of production process traceability, production energy efficiency management and control, virtual field service, and enterprise collaboration.


Network security protection. Focus on upgrading security and protection capabilities. We will build a multi-tiered network security protection system, prepare security emergency plans, and conduct phased security testing and evaluation. We will promote the improvement of security management, implement policies and standards related to classified and hierarchical management of network security for industrial Internet enterprises, and establish and improve security mechanisms such as monitoring and early warning, data reporting, emergency response, and risk assessment. Enterprises can build or transform production sites at production line level, workshop level and factory level, and build 5G fully connected factories on demand. Among them, at the production line level, it focuses on the capacity building of equipment connection, data collection and 5G fusion application innovation of business units in a single production link. At the workshop level, it focuses on capacity building such as multi-system collaborative optimization of production lines, full release of data value, and improvement of integrated innovation level. At the factory level, it focuses on capacity building such as in-depth and systematic application of cross-shop and cross-level connectivity scenarios, and total factor productivity improvement. Take the lead in electronic equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, iron and steel, mining, power, petrochemical and chemical industries, building materials, ports, textiles, home appliances and other industries. We will encourage more enterprises to actively explore the possibility of building 10,000 enterprises, building 1,000 5G fully connected factories and building 100 benchmark factories. We will join hands with all industrial parties to write a new chapter in the innovation and development of 5G+ industrial Internet.