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How can we really enjoy high internet speed?

Now operators are constantly improving the speed, and they are all increasing the amount without increasing the price. Of course, these free “lunches” are all smiles. However, many people find that the actual speed is not as high as the operator advertises, and it may not even improve. It’s really good, but why? How can we really enjoy high internet speed?

First of all, I have to talk about how we should determine our network speed? Some friends may say that it is the download speed, but this is related to the speed of the file server, the effect of network acceleration, etc. It is often inaccurate, and the service provider does not recognize this test. In fact, you can use the network service provider’s own speed measurement function to perform more accurate network measurements.

The broadband speed test function provided by the Unicom website

After confirming that there is a problem with the speed, it is necessary to find out where the problem is. If it is a small partner whose 100M is automatically upgraded to 200M, it is very likely that the home modem and router need to be replaced. Because 100M used to be the limit of broadband services, a large number of old devices only provide 100M access or output interface, of course, the speed cannot reach 200M .

It can only access the route of the 100M network, no matter how fast the wireless network is, it can also access the Internet at the speed of 200M

For many small partners living in buildings, the broadband must go through the building switch before entering the home, so its performance also affects the actual home entry speed. Because these devices are relatively expensive, the update speed is not fast. Since 200M broadband has just become the mainstream, the building server is probably not upgraded in time.

Another point to note for those who use optical fiber to the home is that the optical fiber cannot be bent at a large angle. When turning, it is necessary to maintain an arc-shaped transition with a radius of more than 8cm. If the bending angle is too large, light will be emitted from light, which will obviously affect the data transmission speed, and the glass fiber will be broken, resulting in network disconnection.

Among the three most likely influencing factors, we can first confirm its capabilities through the specifications of the router, and arrange the optical fibers to a certain extent. Special optical fiber guides can be used in wall corners, turns and other parts. See if there is an increase in network speed. If the signal intermittent problem occurs frequently, it is necessary to contact service personnel to assist in finding the breakpoint and reconnecting the optical fiber.

If the network speed does not change, it can basically be confirmed that it is a hardware problem of the service provider. You can call to ask whether the home modem can be replaced with a new product, and ask the service personnel to check the building switch. After such inspection and processing, most network speed problems can be solved. Then don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and enjoy the Internet.