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Highlights of the development of smart light pole construction in Shanghai

Shanghai is a vibrant modern international metropolis and a representative of smart cities. Its level of intelligence is at the forefront of many cities in China. As one of the prerequisites for the construction of a new type of smart city, how is the construction and use of smart light poles in Shanghai? What are the highlights of the smart light pole developed by Shanghai Huijue Network?

In March 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Government held a joint meeting on the regulation and management of overhead lines, which marked the official launch of the first three-year action plan of Shanghai’s “overhead lines into the ground and joint pole regulation work” in Shanghai, which has significantly improved the city’s appearance: Simultaneously carried out in all districts of the city, completed 116 kilometers of road overhead lines into the ground and combined pole renovation, pulled out more than 9,800 poles of various types (2,601 power poles), and the average pole reduction rate reached 68%. By the end of 2020, Shanghai has built 15,000 smart light poles. By 2021, as the first year of the second three-year action plan, the renovation of combined poles has been expanded to cover more roads in all districts of the city and build more smart light poles.

Combined with the “Technical Guidelines for Road Combination and Pole Renovation in Shanghai”, according to the standard that can be combined, all facilities installed on the road poles will be optimized to meet the safety, aesthetics and functional requirements. onto a pole. In addition, considering the development needs of urban intelligence, from the top to the middle of each light pole, interfaces are reserved for face recognition, environmental monitoring, and the expansion of smart facilities such as the Internet of Things and communications. From the above, under the guidance of the guideline, Shanghai’s intelligent infrastructure has been at the forefront of the country.

The construction of smart light poles in Shanghai is based on people’s livelihood and is down-to-earth. Everything starts from improving the city’s appearance, rather than blindly pursuing dazzling “multi-functions”. Shanghai Huijue Network has been actively promoting the R&D and construction of smart light poles . In many industrial parks, park attractions , commercial pedestrian streets and other scenarios , the smart light poles of Shanghai Huijue Network will be specially designed according to the needs of the scene to meet different needs.